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Guys I Cannot Believe My Eyes”: Man Displays Huge Credit Alert From Hilda Baci, Video Stuns Many



An excited Nigerian man has shared a screenshot of the credit alert he received from Chef Hilda Baci

While sharing the screenshot, he expressed gratitude to the chef for recognising his effort and appreciating him

Although he didn’t reveal the exact amount the chef gave him, he noted that the money was huge

Professional Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci, has surprised a photographer with a “huge” amount of money.

The recipient, identified as the_esiaga on TikTok, shared his excitement while displaying the credit alert he received.

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Man in awe after receiving credit alert from Hilda Baci Photo credit: @the_esiaga/TikTok.
Source: TikTok

In the screenshot, Esiaga covered the amount he received from the chef but noted that the amount was huge.

According to him, he never expected such a generous gesture from the chef.

Esi had helped promote Hilda Baci’s cook-a-thon on social media, and his efforts attracted a large following for the event.

In his words:

“Guys, Hilda Baci just sent me money this morning. Jesus Christ! When I saw my phone beep, I checked my bank alert and it was Hilda Baci. God!

“When I checked the amount I dropped my phone on the table and put my hand over my face. The amount is huge, it’s very very huge, I wasn’t expecting it at all. And it’s about the money, it’s a fact that I’m being appreciated for what I do knowing fully well that all of this started as a joke.

“God! I don’t know how to express myself right now, I am amazed, honestly.”

Reactions as man displays credit alert from Hilda Baci

@Aondo Yima reacted:

“You really try for her, u are the one that even make me know she was doing that kind of thing, don’t leave her stay with her please.”

@sassafrique reacted:

“You deserve it, your post went a long way during the cookathon. Many people like me didn’t I about it until I stumbled on your video on TikTok.”

@splendour commented:

“You deserve it Esiaga honestly like you really tried by updating us during her cookathon. But howfar you fit find me 2k?”

@user4354774224755 said:

“U deserve it, u were updating us back to back. I love ur work.”

@Glory_cute said:

“You deserved it I followed your post back to back through out the cook-a-ton.”

@Aondo Yima reacted:

“You really try for her,u are the one that even make me know she was doing that kind of thing, don’t leave her stay with her please.”

@graceeybabe reacted:

“You deserve it.I actually watched everything on ur page, Weldon.”

@Ekum Tina said:

“You really deserved it @the_esiaga you covered everything that has to do with the cookathon congratulations it pays to be good.”

@MYSTERY! said:

“I have been saying it over & over again, Hilda don master the act of creating wealth, count down to Nigeria richest woman Hilda.”

@Coati said:

“You deserveeee! For the days I couldn’t make it down, I always did catch ups on your page.”

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