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Greta Thunberg promotes the Rosebank protest by using the popular Barbie fad



Greta Thunberg promotes the Rosebank protest by using the popular Barbie fad

In an effort to draw attention to the Rosebank protest, which exposes the issues with the new oil and gas development, Greta Thunberg is attempting to capitalize on the viral Barbie craze.

The Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling cast of the Barbie movie, as well as the message it conveys, have been drawing a lot of attention. In the midst of this, Greta Thunberg made the decision to highlight the protest against the Rosebank oil and gas field by using a well-known line from the film. Since Greta is frequently mistaken for Greta Gerwig, the film’s director, her choice to employ the famous Barbie fad is not shocking.

Greta Thunberg hops on the Barbie trend

Recently, Greta took to Stop Cambo’s Instagram to draw attention to the disadvantages of having the Rosebank oil and gas field. In the video, the climate activist can be heard saying the popular line from Barbie: “Have you ever thought about dying?”

She then proceeds to call out Rishi Sunak, Grant Shapps, and Equinor for wanting to open the oil filled. In the caption, Greta reminds everyone that the “project would produce more CO2 than the world’s 28 poorest countries do in a year.”

The video has already gone viral on social media with several people weighing in their thoughts.

What is the Rosebank oil field project about?

Rosebank is a field off the coast of the Shetland Islands in Scotland. As per reports, the area is expected to produce up to 500 million barrels of oil, but it will be at the cost of environmental damage.

As of now, this project has not been approved. Despite this, time and again Greta has used her voice to draw attention to this.

She even spoke about it in an interview with Channel 4 as she noted: “The fact that the UK Government is even considering this tells us exactly how out of touch with reality they are. All the record-breaking heat waves and the extreme weather events we’ve seen during the summer is just the beginning of a rapidly escalating existential crisis.”

People react to her viral video

People were impressed with how Greta decided to hop on the viral Barbie trend to draw attention to an important subject.

One user wrote: “Exactly the way Barbie marketing was supposed to be used for.” Another added: “Now they can’t say we activist have bad humor!!!! Bravo!!!”

“So here for the Barbie x #Stoprosebank crossover,” read one more comment. “Most relatable thing i’ve seen in a while lol,” said one more.

“Best video I’ve seen this year, hands down,” read another. “Brilliant! Thanks for this masterpiece,” added another. “Best message delivery! Way to go,” said one more.

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