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Goat attacks lion inside Nigerian zoo, lion picks race, runs away in viral video

After the domestic animal was placed into the zoo, a lion approached the goat but instead of killing and eating it, ran away.

On TikTok, a video that documented the peculiar incident went viral.



Lion and goat fight

At a zoo in Ogba, Edo state, a goat attacked a lion, but the carnivore unexpectedly fled.

The goat and lion were filmed together in a cage in a Reginal Bella TikTok video.

People who were watching expected the lion to pounce on the goat and devour it with relish immediately.

However, quite the opposite happened because the goat gathered courage and attacked the lion bullishly.

Lion runs from goat at Ogba Zoo, Benin City

The lion did not fight back as it picked a hot race and ran away from the scene.

The video was captioned:

“This is Ogba Zoo, Benin City. The goat is meant to be eaten by the lion, but now, the lion is afraid of the goat.”

Those present at the zoo shouted in surprise at the unusual sight. The video went viral and got many funny reactions on TikTok.

Some people said the goat is truly the “Greatest Of All Times” (GOAT).

Watch the video below:

Reactions from TikTok users as lion runs away from goat

@samwise237 said:

“This is THE REAL GOAT.”

@nachee commented:

“Na so lion dey do. The lion dey buy time. na from back e go attack the goat.”

@IREDIA said:

“After the show, na wentin happen to the Goat?”

@bigtriumphant said:

“Edo state is the heartbeat of Nigeria anything can happen there.”

@PowerBoi3760536335722 said:

“Na so God go give us strength to take chase our enemies.”

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