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From Landmark to Covenant: A Dive into Bishop Oyedepo’s Multimillion-dollar Business Empire in Nigeria

The Rise of Bishop Oyedepo: Uncovering the Success of Landmark, Covenant, and 4 Other Businesses in Nigeria



Bishop Oyedepo: Behind the Scenes of Landmark, Covenant, and 4 Other Lucrative Ventures in Nigeria.

Bishop David Oyedepo, a prominent Nigerian preacher, also holds an impressive portfolio as a business owner 

Among his tangible assets are one of the largest auditoriums globally, with a seating capacity of 50,000, and four private jets. Furthermore, the preacher has residential properties in prime locations such as London and the United States.

From Landmark to Covenant: A Dive into Bishop Oyedepo's Multimillion-dollar Business Empire in Nigeria

Well-known religious figure Bishop David Oyedepo is not only notable for his spiritual endeavours, but also for his prolific business ventures and contribution as an author. 

His church, Winners’ Chapel International, with branches all around the world, including Nigeria, Dubai, United Kindgom, Europe, Asia, America, and Canada, is a testament of his global influence.

The world’s largest auditorium, Canaanland, which has a seating capacity of 50,000, along with Faith Tabernacle, the biggest worship center in Africa, are under the leadership of Bishop Oyedepo. 

Previous reports from confirmed that Oyedepo is the wealthiest pastor in Nigeria, with an estimated fortune of $150 million. 

Furthermore, Bishop Oyedepo possesses residences in London and the United States, and owns a fleet of four private jets

Besides the establishment of Faith Academy, a renowned high school, he also set up Covenant University, a notable higher education institution in Nigeria.

Bishop Oyedepo’s ministry has established over a hundred Nigerian institutions that promote personal development and Christian values. 

The following list details the six businesses owned by the pastor, as reported by Billionaire Africa.

Covenant University

Bishop Oyedepo founded Covenant University (CU), a notable private Christian establishment in Ota, Nigeria, associated with the Living Faith Church Worldwide, in 2002. 

It is a member of prestigious academic associations such as the Association of Commonwealth Universities, the Association of African Universities, and the National Universities Commission. 

In 2019, CU was ranked among the top 401–500 international colleges by Times Higher Education. This University also holds the record from the National Universities Commission for the fastest operating license application approval.

Faith Academy Network

Bishop Oyedepo’s Living Faith Church controls the Faith Academy Network. This is an influential missionary day school system part of the Network of Secondary Schools under the Education Commission. 

Spread across nearly all Nigerian states, it includes 28 schools, indicating the Faith Academy Network’s broad reach. 

The network’s primary goal is nurturing children’s intellectual growth while inculcating faith and morality-based ethical values.

Kingdom Heritage Model Schools

Kingdom Heritage Model School, owned by Bishop Oyedepo, is rooted in the teachings of his Faith Liberation Hour Ministry. Situated in Canaanland, Ota, it serves as a nursery and primary school within a Christian framework. 

Directed by the Living Faith Church Worldwide’s Education Commission, a network of 156 schools known as Winners Chapel is spread across all states of Nigeria. Owned by Bishop Oyedepo, these schools are an integral part of the Living Faith Church. 

The institutions under this network offer high-quality education in a faith-informed atmosphere.

From Landmark to Covenant: A Dive into Bishop Oyedepo's Multimillion-dollar Business Empire in Nigeria

Landmark University

In 2011, Bishop Oyedepo founded Landmark University, a pioneering private institution in Nigeria with an emphasis on agriculture. 

This initiative, established by the Living Faith Church Worldwide, aims to trigger an agricultural revolution and enhance food security in Africa. 

Dominion Publishing House (DPH)

Dominion Publishing House (DPH), part of Bishop Oyedepo’s ministry, commenced operations on December 5, 1992. 

This publishing company has since produced around 70 books, specializing in Christian, motivational, and inspirational genres. They also publish periodicals and mini-books. 

In recognition of the global reach of their publications, which have been read by over 4 million people, DPH was granted a Gold Merit Award by ECOWAS in 1992.

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