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Foods Plenty for Nigeria o”: Full List of Assorted Meals Hilda Baci Cooked for Over 100 Hours Exposed

Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci, broke the internet after cooking varieties of meals for over 100 hours in Lagos state.

The cook-a-thon started on the 11th of May and ended on the 15th of May with Nigerians massively rooting for Hilda Baci

Although Guinness World Records is yet to certify Hilda’s accomplishment, Nigerians have however proclaimed the chef a record breaker.

List of foods Hilda Baci cooked Photo credit: Hilda Baci
Source: Instagram in this article presents the complete list of foods Hilda Baci cooked during the cook-a-thon.

Overview of Hilda Baci’s cook-a-thon

Popular chef, Hilda Baci, recently set a new World Record for the longest cooking marathon by an individual.

She initially aimed at 96 hours, to surpass Chef Lata Tandon’s previous record of 87 hours.

Fortunately, her determination caused her to increase her time frame to an impressive 100 hours and 40 minutes, surpassing the existing record holder by over 13 hours.

How it all started

Hilda Baci’s cooking marathon began on May 11th at 4:20 p.m. with a few Nigerians showing their support.

However, as the show got to the second and third day, it got hotter and more Nigerians all over the world showed support for her.

Hilda ended the cook-a-thon on May 15th at 8:40 p.m. after cooking for over 100 hours at Amore Gardens, Lekki, Lagos state.

Full list of foods Hilda Baci cooked

During the cook-a-thon, Hilda cooked over 200 meals that were served to over 4,000 people.

•Hilda Baci’s sides menu

Party Jollof

Coconut rice

Native rice

Asun rice

Fried rice

Native pasta

Jollof pasta

Porridge yam

Porridge plantain

Mashed potatoes

White rice soups

• Hilda Baci soups menu

Chicken curry

Edikang ikong




Fisherman soup


Goatmeat pepper soup

Seafood okra

Ofe akwu

• Hilda Baci breakfast/cold dishes menu




Chicken wraps


African breadfruit

• Hilda Baci sauces/meats menu

Goatmeat stew

Buka stew

Peppered turkey

Peppered chicken

Fried fish

Peppered fish

Turkey stew

Ofada sauce See the post below:

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