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Five Side Hustles for 9-5 Workers in Nigeria

We are officially in the new year. The festivities and celebrations have simmered. Now, the next agenda on your to-do list is probably how to navigate the rest of the year with financial freedom.

Suddenly, you are now faced with the challenge of  meeting your financial obligations this year.

Like we say in local parlance, streets no dey smile. The prevailing economic conditions aren’t encouraging and the value of the Naira is nothing to write home about.

This means that you get less value for more money spent. So, how exactly do you intend to overcome the financial burden of the new year?

You haven’t quite figured out how to be financially independent? Do not worry, we have got a few cool ideas for you.

Read on to find out which side hustles could help you with monetary obligations so that you won’t have to suffer the ‘See finish’ syndrome.

So, if you are ready to set yourself up on the path of self sufficiency this year and beyond, look through the list of side hustles we have created for you.

1.Content Creation

First up on our list is content creation. The World is now progressively global and more people are turning to content creation for extra income.

In Nigeria today, there is a growing content economy in which many Nigerians are earning a living via video creation on different subjects across different social media platforms.

You can choose any of Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok or even YouTube to propagate your content.

In no time, you will be making just enough to augment your income and you could quit your day job in no time.

2.Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is simply penning words for money while working for oneself or another employer different from the one using your writing services.

As a freelance writer, you are expected to produce a text or copy for the client from the comfort of your office or home.

After you deliver the requested copy, you will be paid. As a freelance writer, you can make a lot of money and what you get depends on your writing abilities.

You can choose to write for clients within a particular niche or specialize in more than one much.

Whichever way, you are sure to make some extra cash to help you lessen your financial burden.

The good part is you get to write during your break at work or other spare time especially at the weekend.

3. Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing simply means marketing a third party product for a commission.

You only have to do a review and assessments of the products or offerings so new buyers or customers can make a decision whether to buy or not.

For instance, this bonus aggregator site, Betting Bonus Nigeria, has a list of betting deposit bonuses available to Nigerians.

There are so many businesses out there offering affiliate opportunities.

Look for one that suits you and sign up. The more sales you record, the more money you will make.

You can promote products via your websites, social and media accounts.

4. Investments 

Investments are another way to get some more money without quitting your day job. 

If you have a substantial amount of money at your disposal, you can invest in real estate. 

The industry is growing at a geometric rate and you can make some good money by investing in real estate.

The simple way to do it is to build Hostels, Housing units and you can take rents from it.

5. Start A Rental Service

In this part of the World, people like to celebrate and get their groove on. 

It could be Weddings, Birthday celebrations or even House warming. The list goes on.

You can cash in on that by providing some of the facilities like Chairs, Tables, Decoration needed for parties to happen.

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