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“We Regret”: First Bank Reacts As Customer’s N68m Savings Disappear From Her Account, Remaining N3k

After a client complained that N68 million had been fraudulently taken out of her bank account, First Bank responded.

Glory Omokaro, a client who resides in Italy, charged the bank’s branch manager at the location where she opened her account.



First Bank

First Bank of Nigeria has said that it has started looking into how Glory Omokaro, one of its customers, had N68 million taken out of her account.

Wothappen had previously detailed how Omokaro, an Italian resident, opened the bank account during her initial trip to Nigeria in 2013 and then began saving money afterward.

Omokaro said she saved money in the account until it reached N68 million and hoped to use it when she finally moved back to Nigeria.

She added that upon her return to Nigeria in May 2023, she only found N3,000 in the bank account.

First Bank reacts

First Bank, in a statement released on Monday, August 28, 2023, confirmed the incident and called for patience.

The message reads:

“We confirm the report of fraudulent activity on the account of one of our customers.

“This incident has been undergoing a very robust investigation since our receipt of the customer’s complaint with the goal of holistically unearthing what transpired and addressing the challenge, including satisfying the customer. Unfortunately, this has taken longer than anticipated.

“While the investigation is ongoing, we have repaired the customer’s account given the findings so far and our view that this is the best action in consideration for our customer.

“We regret any inconveniences this may have caused the customer and wish to emphasize that this incident is in no way reflective of the principles and ethics of our time-tested operations.”

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