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Find the 4th object’ bathroom picture explained as puzzle baffles TikTok



A bizarre photo of a bathroom which asks you to find find the 4th object is continuing to confuse internet users.

The cartoon image went viral on TikTok at the end of April and is still stumping people on social media almost a month later.

4th object bathroom puzzle goes viral

The puzzle is a picture of a public bathroom where three cartoon people are going to the toilet.

One man in blue jeans and a grey top is standing up next to a woman with long dark hair who is wearing a brown skirt and orange sweater.

Next to them is another lady in a blue dress who is sitting on the toilet. They are all chatting to each other as they do their business.

At the top of the photo, it says “I’m sure you can’t find the 4th object” and there are four different objects listed at the side.

The first three, an egg, glove and envelope, are all quite easy to find in the picture, but the fourth is impossible. Where is the crutch?

The 4th object photo explained

If you’ve been sitting there looking at the photo for half an hour you’re going to be really annoyed – because there is no crutch!

The photo is part of an annoying trend which pranks internet users. There are loads of pictures and none of them have a 4th object.

It’s all a silly trick that’s designed to boost the TikTok user’s popularity and followers on the platform.

People show the cartoon puzzle during a TikTok Live and change their profile picture to say: “Tap the + to see it.”

This displays in a small bubble on the screen, encouraging people to click to find the answer, but it will actually take you to their profile.

There are loads of 4th object puzzles

The bathroom picture was the first and most viral one, but there are now loads of irritating 4th object puzzles and they’re all really strange pictures.

One is a cartoon depiction of Ronald McDonald on a hospital stretcher with a neck brace which asks you to find some French fries.

Another shows Disney princess Pocahontas sitting on a toilet and the 4th object is a flower, which again is nowhere to be seen.

If you come across any more, don’t waste your time trying to find the 4th object!

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