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FG Takes Action: Recruiting Youths in Fire Service to Address Unemployment Crisis



FG Takes Action: Recruiting Youths in Fire Service to Address Unemployment Crisis

 Integration of youths in various sectors to combat the persistently high rates of unemployment in the country. One of their prime areas of focus is the Fire Service Department.

Increasing youth involvement in the Fire Service sector is not just about workforce enlargement, it is strategic for several reasons. Firstly, majority of the current workforce in the department are nearing retirement age. Secondly, it’s a practical approach to tackle unemployment, since the sector provides numerous job opportunities. 

“Recruiting more youths into the Fire Service sector is a strategic intervention that will significantly reduce unemployment and inject fresh ideas and energy into the department.”

The Delay in Employment

The delay in employing the much-needed firefighting workforce is primarily attributed to the urgent need for modernizing firefighting practices in Nigeria through the enactment of new laws and regulations.

A Vision for Modernization

Once these new laws are firmly in place, they will serve as the foundation for determining the required number of firefighters and creating specific regulations for the strategic deployment of firefighting resources across public infrastructure nationwide, thereby opening up new and meaningful employment opportunities.

Connecting Firefighting to National Development

Minister Tunji-Ojo emphasized the direct correlation between the number of firefighters in a country and its overall level of development. He passionately argued that for Nigeria to achieve its goal of becoming one of the world’s leading economies, it must significantly expand its firefighter workforce, as the presence of a robust and efficient fire service is intrinsically tied to a nation’s development.

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Current Challenges

Presently, Nigeria is grappling with a scarcity of firefighters, with only approximately 6,000 federal firefighters – a stark contrast to countries like the United States, where cities such as New York and Los Angeles boast hundreds of fire stations and over a million firefighters, encompassing both professionals and dedicated volunteers.

The Pending Bill

Minister Tunji-Ojo also highlighted the impending bill before the National Assembly, which, if passed, has the potential to bring about substantial changes in firefighting practices within Nigeria.

This groundbreaking initiative represents the Federal Government’s dedication to addressing youth unemployment while simultaneously enhancing the nation’s emergency response capabilities. The recruitment and modernization efforts will serve as a catalyst for not only reducing unemployment among the youth but also fostering a safer and more prosperous Nigeria.

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