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Father Criticized for Buying Son a Car While Giving Twin Sister Lesser Gift on Birthday

Father Accused of Sexism for Unequal Birthday Gifts: Son Gets Car, Twin Sister Gets Less Expensive Present



Father Criticized for Buying Son a Car While Giving Twin Sister Lesser Gift on Birthday

Father Sparks Controversy with Unequal Birthday Presents: Son Receives Car, Twin Sister Given Lesser Gift.

One Reddit father thought he did nothing wrong by getting his twin children drastically different presents on their birthday, but fellow users think otherwise.

Reddit has become a popular and easily accessible platform to vent feelings concerning anything under the sun. You will find users looking for solutions to problems related to their careers, as well as others struggling to achieve clarity on their dysfunctional relationships with family and colleagues. Today, we are looking at a story shared by a father who is getting an earful for treating his twin children differently.

Father gets different birthday presents for his twins

The OP’s children recently turned 18 and he got them both gifts “accordingly”, without thinking through the consequences of the choices he made for them.

The father says his son always showed immense interest in cars and even has a part-time job to make his own earnings. So, he thought getting him a car, even though not new, would be a great idea.

However, his daughter has always seemed interested in clothes and make-up, so he assumed gifting her a visa card would be the best birthday present.

But, it seems, the OP didn’t take into consideration the huge difference in the value of the presents he gifted his children, which, unsurprisingly, didn’t sit well with the one who got the cheaper gift.

The dad says he was taken aback to see his daughter’s reaction to her birthday present, which according to him was still a very thoughtful gift.

Daughter gets a Visa gift card while the son gets a car

The OP got his son a used car, which he says isn’t expensive, but he got his daughter a Visa gift card worth $300. She was visibly upset after seeing her present.

But, the father goes on to justify his actions by citing his daughter’s interest in make-up and shopping as a reason to get her a gift card that’s much cheaper than what he got for his son.

According to the OP, the value of the respective gifts shouldn’t have been an issue as long as they met his children’s needs.

The father says he wasn’t intentionally showing “favoritism” with his choice of gifts for his twins, but users disagree.

Users call out the ‘sexist’ father

The OP was disappointed with fellow users after a number of them called him a “sexist” for gifting his son something considerably more expensive than what he got for his daughter.

“I want to make clear that I’m not a sexist,” he says in one of his edits, but readers think otherwise. Almost everyone who read his post believes he is in the wrong.

One user said: “She’s never going to forgive him for this. I’m sure this isn’t the first time this favoritism has happened either.”

“YTA dude, you gave him a $10k car and her a cheap $300 Visa card,” said another.

A third person wrote: “A car is also just like a huge life milestone that opens up so many opportunities, the value isn’t just in the money.”

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