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Family Turns down Man’s 400 Big Yams for Daughter’s Bride Price, Gives One Reason

Family Turns down Man's 400 Big Yams for Daughter's Bride Price, Gives One Reason

A traditional wedding in an Eastern state in Nigeria was stalled over an issue with what the husband-to-be brought as bride price

His fiancee’s family requested 400 big tubers of yam but rejected the edibles when he brought them due to one reason

To salvage the situation, the lady’s family suggested a quick fix the man could use if the marriage must go on..

A Nigerian man has shared how his brother’s traditional marriage in Imo state was stalled as a result of yams presented for the bride price.

@Foedosa1 shared the incident on Twitter while responding to an influencer, John Doe, who remarked that Edo state has the cheapest bride price in Nigeria.

However, on their way to the village to deliver the yams, one tuber broke. To their surprise, the lady’s family rejected all the tubers, insisting that the broken one is replaced with another sourced from their local market.

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