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Family is being held captive by a domestic cat. TikTok 911 call is disturbing



Family is being held captive by a domestic cat

The 911 call about a domestic Himalayan cat that “holds family hostage” after assaulting their toddler will send shivers down your spine since cats are one of the cutest fuzzy friends until they aren’t.

Social media is primarily known for its endearing videos of puppies and kittens playing with their human parents or amongst themselves, but you don’t often see a panicked man calling 911 for help because the “violent” cat wouldn’t move from his position.

Domestic cat ‘holds family hostage’

The origin of the viral 911 call recording isn’t clear, but the viral TikTok claims it was a call between a man who was held hostage by his cat and the dispatcher.

The unidentified male calls 911 regarding a “particular emergency” concerning his cat who the person claims attacked his 7-month-old baby.

The man says he kicked the cat in the rear and he just “went off over the edge” after which it wouldn’t let the family out of their bedroom.

He said they were “trapped” inside and the cat seemed hostile which could possibly trace back to a history of violence.

The clip features a scary hiss in the background which even the dispatcher on the call acknowledges. The person calling was worried more about stepping out of his room to receive the cops if they arrived as the cat was waiting right outside the door apparently trying to “attack” him which he would have to “fight”.

It’s hard to determine if the 911 call about a domestic cat is authentic, even though it comes across as real. But, the details from the call are eerily similar to a real-life incident that dates back to 2014, when a family in Portland got trapped in their bedroom after their 22-pound Himalayan cat attacked their child.

The cat names Lux ended up staying in a shelter.

911 call about a 22-pound Himalayan cat is scary

The dispatcher asks the man time and again if the call was regarding the child who got attacked by the cat. But, the father assures his child was unharmed except for a few scratches.

However, he was more scared about the cat situation as he couldn’t think of any other way out other than enlisting the cops’ help.

The lady on the other end of the call takes a moment to discuss the situation with her supervisor because they are typically handled by animal control, but the man said he couldn’t get hold of them.

When the cat’s hissing because more evident on the call, the dispatcher tells the man that she would send help immediately.

Pet ‘trying to attack’ his owner terrifies TikTok users

It may seem funny at first, the thought of a grown-up man held hostage by a domestic cat calling for help, but the sharp claws of a cat have caused serious damage in many instances.

To think of it, a 22 pounds Himalayan cat attacking a child is pretty scary and it isn’t surprising that the man was worried about getting attacked too.

Many TikTok users have advised against keeping violent pets around children as their behavior is unpredictable sometimes.

“Maybe your cat has some behavioral issues. I would advise you to keep him away from the child until he isn’t violent anymore,” wrote one.

Another wrote: “I have got whooped by smaller kitties. I can’t imagine fighting a Himalayan cat this big.”

A third person commented: “All of you making fun of the man, have you ever been attacked by a cat? Even the small ones can get you. so shut up.”

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