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Eyewitness Who Allegedly Saw Mohbad Before His Death Reveals Shocking Details: They Injected Him




One week has passed since the untimely demise of talent-packed singer, Mohbad. As the singer’s story unfolds, numerous accounts of his final days are emerging and capturing public attention. 

In one such development, the account of an eyewitness who purportedly observed the late star’s concluding hours in the hospital has gone viral. His voice note describing the events surrounding Mohbad’s death has riveted the public. 

This eyewitness has suggested that the friend who notified the world of Mohbad’s passing should be located and thoroughly investigated. Doubts and suspicions regarding the circumstances of the artist’s death are beginning to stir. 

This man, who claimed to be present at the hospital where the late Mohbad was last seen, has raised questions about the strange and suspicious behavior of the nurses and the friend who brought the singer in. 

In the widely circulated voice note, the man asserts that he had the opportunity to snap pictures with Mohbad shortly before the singer’s demise. It was during this encounter that he noticed the artist seeming unusually distant, which further fuelled his suspicions.

In a scenario recounted by an anonymous source, Mohbad was taken to the hospital while still lucid, escorted by his grief-stricken friend who later shared the news of his demise on social media

This individual, our purported eyewitness, shares that he overheard a nurse mentioning that the late artist was administered an injection prior to losing consciousness. 

Harping on the necessity for justice and truth, the eyewitness asserted the need for a deeper investigation into this distressing event, including the apprehension of involved parties. 

For a thorough visual representation of the recollection, you can view additional details  from the incident. 

Public Response to the Eyewitness Account 

Unsurprisingly, this unexpected disclosure triggered a barrage of inquiries among netizens. 

ns and curiosity. Some netizens do not believe the singer would have been treated like that.

Read some comments sighted below:


“Make it easier for us by naming the hospital… Up till now, the details of the hospital hasn’t been known!”


“Firstly Give us the name of the hospital, the picture u took with him and ur hospital card evidence that u truly went there that day”


“Nonsense story… In what hospital will the nurse be explaining to a total stranger about another patient’s case?”


“What’s the name of the hospital and the name of the nurse that injected him also who was the doctor that pronounced him dead ????”


“That guy shouting and crying Mohbad is dead should be arrested immediately.”


“Nurse told you Dey gave someone injection and he passed out? Nigerian nurse ? Mtcheeeeew.”


“Even in pain , bobo was still calm and took picture with a fan !!!!! Jesus ! “


“I don’t believe this! This sounds like something from their camp… This is a distraction, and it’s not needed!”


“See I hate rubbish Oga what is the hospital name?”

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