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“Emotional Damage”: Moment Oyinbo Woman Called Carter Efe a Grandfather on Live Video Goes Viral



Carter Efe

Nigerian comic creator Carter Efe has brought some of his antics to the timeline lately, which has since sparked reactions online.

The one-hit wonder was seen on a live video call with an Oyinbo woman when he got embarrassed for his facial structure.

The Caucasian woman couldn’t hesitate to tell the comedian what she felt about his appearance when she pronounced that he looked like a grandfather.

Carter couldn’t let that slide, so he went on to ask her what she meant by her statement; the white woman maintained her grounds and explained that he looked like an old man.

Watch their video below:

Nigerians react to Carter Efe’s live call with Oyinbo woman 

parker_ojugo: “Emotional damage .”

ninety_nine__plus_one: “The girlfriend don see opportunity to break up.”

wes___koo: “And he neva comot cap o.”

omoanawo: “Bro you just make spark burn me for mouth jareee .”

oluwole_samuel_: “Ahh ahh 7yrs dn add to Carter age in a Yr sharp sharp oga oo nah so una dey age.”

djfalone: “I thought he said he was 21 ?.”

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