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Dramatic WhatsApp chat leak: Nigerian man begs dad for N2k, sends bank account number



Dramatic WhatsApp chat leak: Nigerian man begs dad for N2k, sends bank account number

Imagine this: A Nigerian man is short on funds and turns to his dear father for a small loan. He’s asking for just N2k. The catch? Their entire conversation takes place through WhatsApp, and, as fate would have it, their chat “leaks”, offering a fascinating insight into their relationship and their negotiation tactics. Intriguing, isn’t it? Let’s dive into this peculiar situation. 

What would make a grown man reach out to his father for such a small sum? And why would their conversation become public knowledge? Is it an innocent mistake, a deliberate leak, or the result of a cunning cyber-attack? In this digital age, where privacy is increasingly scarce and sensitive data like bank account numbers can be exposed unintentionally, these questions are worth pondering. 

“Dad, I need your help. Can you please send me N2k? Here’s my bank account number.”

 That’s the message that started it all. A simple request from a son to his father. But as the conversation unfolds, it becomes more than just about financial assistance. It offers a glimpse into their relationship, their approach to money matters, and the casual way in which sensitive information like bank account numbers are shared. 

So, how did we get our hands on this chat? Should we be able to read this private conversation? Is it ethical? And most importantly, what can we learn from this episode? Let’s delve a little deeper. 

Watch the video below:


Papa wey no like stress😂❤️

♬ original sound – 🃏

Papa wey no like stress😂❤️

♬ original sound – 🃏

Wothappen compiled some of the reactions below:

whitney._o said:

“My dad will legit ask me why I’m typing in pidgin, if that’s how I write in school.”

JERRY said:

“My dad no go even reply me.”

Udoka said:

“We way no know how father’s love dey be gather here.”

Believeoluwabolaji said:

“My dad will view and pass.”

fikunayoolowoyeye said:

“My dad will legit ask me whats wrong with me and if im ok.”

Ex girlfriend said:

“My papa wey no even know if I Dey exist or not.”

ella_booo said:

“Lol y’all dads don’t have your acct number saved? My dad has mine saved receive alerts randomly… I only call to say thank you.”

S.O.G said:

“My dad no dey even open my WhatsApp messages, I dey give the man headaches… make him BP no rise.”

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