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Drama As A Lady Returned From Protest Met Her Boyfriend With Another Girl, See What She Did. (Photos



Sweet things to say to your boyfriend

The idea of a guy staying in the same house with a girl he has not pay the bride price is bad. No matter how broke you are give yourself some respect and act as a man. I never knew man can be this lazy, you can’t be staying with someone and at the same time playing games with her.

A video post on a Facebook group page where a girl returned from protest and met her boyfriend with another girl in her house. It was revealed that the girl spent alot on him, bought clothes for him, feeds him, all the things the guy wear was bought by the girl. She’s the one that pay house rent and the guy has right to bring another girl.

He suppose to be the one that went to protest instead he went far to bring another girl in a house he did not pay the house rent. Please guys should respect a lady that respect them, and they should look for something to do instead of depending solely on a lady. The girl naked him and collected everything she bought for him and pushed him out.

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