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Don Jazzy shatters the internet with his preference for a romantic relationship: “I Don’t Mind if My Girl Sleeps With Another Man”



Don Jazzy

Nigerian music mogul Don Jazzy has shed more light on the complexities of his love life and having one woman for a lifetime.

In an interview with Nedu Wazobia, he made it plain that he doesn’t mind if his girlfriend sleeps with another guy, with the condition that she lets him have as many girlfriends as he likes.

Buttressing this further, he noted that he was the sort of man who admires attractive women and cannot take his gaze away from them when he sees one.

He claimed that whenever he goes to an event and sees a gorgeous lady of his choice, he gets confused because if he sees another beautiful woman, he might want to toast both of them. He admitted that he cannot stick with one girlfriend because there are many beautiful girls in the world.

During the interview, he said, “I don’t mind if my girl sleeps with another man; so far, she has let me have many girlfriends. I’m not the type of man who will stay with one woman; I don’t know how some men manage to do it, because if my girlfriend has beautiful female friends, I will feel like dating them all. I’m someone who likes beautiful women; it’s always difficult to take my eyes off them, but maybe one day I will be able to become a one-woman man, but definitely not now.”

See the interview below

Internet users react to Don Jazzy’s video

joe89_: “It’s all fun and games until you get to an age where you need an actual companion.” gylliananthonette: “He has said it already and it’s left for you to agree or leave ….he is way better than the ones that would tell you they are one woman kinda guy but na them che^t pass ..”

officialgeorgechristopher: “The truth is, you’re never going to be attracted to just one person – that’s why the Bible talks about contentment. Contentment is knowing you may not have the finest or the best, but you’ll stick to it cos you can’t have it all.

That’s why there’s also a word called “discipline” – it takes discipline, and contentment to be faithful. No one shuts off any button in them not to be attracted to other people. You’ll see people finer than your partner, more behaved than them, classier, richer, better etc. But these things are endless. That’s why love is said not to be an emotion but an intentional decision to stay true to your partner. It has to be intentional.

If anyone is waiting for a button to be turn off, you’ll probably wait forever. Just have some level of self-control. Man’s wants are insatiable, you’ll always meet people that’ll catch your eyes but discipline will make you turn away and refocus on your partner.”

chocol8quin: “Ashawo Dey everyone eyes. But self control and discipline is the watch word .”

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