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Despite Plea from His Mother to Forget and Forgive”: Nigerian Man Files for Divorce 2 Days after Wedding



Two days after tying the knot, a Nigerian man has filed for divorce over his wife’s rude behaviour towards his mother

His wife and mother had a physical exchange at their wedding reception that saw both parties slap each other

Not heeding to appeals from his mother to forgive, the man is hellbent on ending things with his estranged wife

A marriage of two days has hit the rocks after the newly wedded husband filed for a divorce citing his wife’s bad behaviour to his mum.

A Nigerian zoologist, Abdullah A Abdullah, who shared the story said it is a real-life situation and sought advice from netizens.

Despite Plea from His Mother to Forget and Forgive": Nigerian Man Files for Divorce 2 Days after Wedding
He is seeking divorce over his wife’s rude behaviour to his mum. Photo Credit: Tori News
Source: UGC

Abdullah narrated that the man’s anger stems from an incident that happened at their wedding reception which led to his mother and wife slapping each other.

It happened that a couple from the groom’s mother’s side graced the occasion at a time edibles were finished. A portion of food the bride left for her parents was the only delicacy available.

Appeals from the mother-in-law fell on deaf ears

The mother-in-law had approached her daughter-in-law and whispered into her, appealing to get some of the food to give the couple as it would be unfair if they got nothing after coming from afar.

The bride refused bluntly, saying the food was for her parents. After unsuccessfully pleading with her son’s wife, the mother-in-law used a plate to scoop some food herself but the bride took back the food and poured it into the cooler.

Mother-in-law slaps daughter-in-law

Angrily, the mother-in-law slapped her son’s wife, who in turn retaliated. Abdullah said the husband learnt of what happened and decided not to create a scene at the wedding reception and filed for a divorce two days after the incident.

Abdullah said the divorce case is still ongoing and that the man has refused to listen to his mum’s appeals that he forget the incident and forgive.

See his tweet below:

People share their thoughts on the divorce saga

@IsoloShoemaker said:

“If my parents asks me to forget about it, my aunts, uncles, family and friends will never agree. She should find another husband.”

@bilimaffy said:

“He should place her on probation-not consummate. On a day like that emotions are running high&this incident might be a test of the rest of their future that’s yet to unfold. Rather than end it just like that, they should sit together as a family &genuinely forgive.”

@AdejokeKhadijah said:

“Divorce is the best option, the family will never be the same again. She shouldn’t have raised her hand back at the mum no matter what. May Allah ease our affairs.”

@owoayo19 said:

“Slaps aside, the wife could have easily just let her have it without even having a second thought. Her parents will understand but guests won’t. All comes back to having a partner that finds it easy to give and let go of things.”

@Thaophyksalam said:

“The Love has been diluted. The man can actually forgive but there is nothing in this world that will please a man towards a woman who slapped his mother. Considering it happened at their wedding reception, in public, I don’t think they can have a happy home.”

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