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“Degree Holders May Not Answer it”: Nigerian Man Posts Standard 6 Exam Written in 1953, Photo Goes Viral

A Nigerian man has posted a photo of an examination paper written by standard six pupils in 1953

The examination was written in the Western Region of Nigeria for the award of a primary school leaving certificate

Some of the exciting questions seen on the English language examination have sparked reactions

An English examination written in the Western Region of Nigeria in 1953 has surfaced on Twitter.

A Nigerian man, @OtunMuri posted the examination paper, which has received a lot of attention.

Degree Holders May Not Answer it Nigerian Man Posts Standard 6 Exam Written in 1953 Photo Goes Viral
The exam paper written by standard six pupils has gone viral Photo credit TwitterOtunMuri and MoMo ProductionsGetty Images<br>Source UGC

The examination was written by standard six pupils who were about to graduate from what is today known as primary school.

Primary six final year exam paper goes viral

It was a final examination for the award of the primary school leaving certificate in 1953.

The first question in the paper requires the pupils to write a letter to a friend in another town.

The second question asked the pupils to write a formal letter applying for an advertised position.

Another interesting question asked the pupils to write a story about a marriage ceremony, the school sports or an interesting journey.

Posting the questions, Otun joked that some degree holders of today might not be able to answer the questions.

He said:

“1953 Standard Six Examination Question. Some Bachelor degree holder of today may not answer the question satisfactorily.”

See his full tweet below:

Reactions from Twitter users

@OhiDerek1 said:

“Examination by the colonialists for the colonised, similar pattern continued till late seventies. The questions are interesting, and the question paper should be valued antiquity.”

@Ti_Morighanfen commented:

“I’ve been writing letters from my primary school days. You can’t attend boarding school and not know how to write letters in my days where there were no access to phones.”

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