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Davido claps back at AY Makun’s apology, says ‘Nah Today’ – Fans react to the singer’s photo



Davido claps back at AY Makun's apology, says 'Nah Today' - Fans react to the singer's photo

 Comedian, AY Makun appeared to be simmering down, an intriguing response emerged from famed Nigerian singer, Davido. With his characteristic nonchalance, the popstar reacted to the recent public apology by AY Makun, one of Nigeria’s evolving comedians, with a simple yet cryptic phrase; “Nah Today”. A phrase that raises various interpretations in the diverse and expressive Nigerian pidgin language, Davido’s reaction was almost immediately engulfed by an influx of responses from fans nationwide.

Indeed, the phrase is not so much an acceptance or a dismissal of the apology, but rather an ambiguous comment that could suggest several things, from skepticism to dismissal or even humor. The mere brevity of the singer’s public reaction leaves enough room for fans and critics alike to sift through various interpretations, ratcheting up the existing suspense even further. 

Along with his cryptic response, Davido also chose to post a recent photo of himself which naturally, garnered attention from his ardent fanbase and incited a flurry of reactions. Pathos, humor, skepticism, and endemic ‘stan’ culture typical of the singer’s fanbase, all found expression in the comments section immediately following the singer’s post.

The Nigerian singer has finally reacted to AY Makun’s comment with a post on his Twitter page, noting that life never favours good people.

Here’s an excerpt of Davido’s comment:

“This life no favor good Pple sometimes .. lessons learnt.”

Davido’s response to AY Makun’s apology

However, after clips of AY Makun’s joke trolling Davido went viral, the comedian went online to apologise.

But the response from the Afrobeat artist has got people talking after he dropped a photo of him flipping his middle finger with a comment that reads: “Nah Today?”

See Davido’s post reacting to AY Makun’s jokes about him:

Davido’s post flipping his middle finger:

Fans react to Davido’s response

Below are some of the reactions that Davido’s response to AY stirred online:


“No na yesterday evening.”


“You need to grow up bro.”


“Middle finger to all OBO’s enemies and haters.”


“Go and payback the money and stop gaslight!ng!!!”


“David, Agreement is Agreement.”


“You no send their papa .”


“In all honesty 001 . Return the money back to NFF . One love.”


“I swear boss good people face a lot here in this wicked .”


“Me I no be good person, na why life dey favor me.”

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