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Curvy Lady in Security Uniform Dances in Open Arena, Video Emerges on TikTok And Gains 1.9 Million Views

1.9 million people have viewed a 14 seconds video of a lady who danced while wearing a security uniform

While in the midst of other security people in the same uniform, the lady broke into a strong dance and did very well in it

Her lively dance and the smile on her face quickly resonated with those around, and also caught the attention of dance lovers online

A cute female dancer who danced while wearing a security uniform has become a viral TikTok sensation.

The lady was putting on a blue shirt and black trousers when she broke into a strong dance in the midst of her colleagues.

Curvy Lady in Security Uniform Dances in Open Arena Video Emerges on TikTok And Gains 19 Million Views
The security lady who is so beautiful danced strongly in public Photo credit TikTokstelarossana<br>Source UGC

When she began her dance, some people who saw her moves quickly started shouting and she made her dance stronger.

Viral video of a cute security lady dancing in public

She started with nice back moves which showed her perfect beauty. She then turned around and placed her two hands on her head and continued dancing towards the camera.

It was as if people were gathered in the large arena for an event. She was actually the only one who danced.

It is not yet known what security agency she belongs to, but her dancing skills are not in doubt.

The video lasted just 11 seconds, but it was enough to deliver interesting entertainment that caught the attention of 1.9 million people on TikTok. The video was posted by @stelarossana.

Watch the video below:

Talented old woman dances by the roadside

In a related story, reported that an old woman stood by the side of the road and broke into a very strong dance.

The woman was putting on a fitted gown and was also carrying a bottle of drink thought to be alcohol in her hand.

At some points during her dance, she dropped the bottle of drink on the grounded and danced harder.

She made very good use of her waist during the dance and there was no doubt that she has skills and got moves. People have said the woman must have been dancing right from her youthful days.

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