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Content Marketing Ideas Students Can Use



When you are a student blogger or startup founder, or a young professional looking to gain more visibility on the web, you will likely want to resort to marketing to get noticed. But the problem is that you will likely not have a large budget to invest in it. That’s where content can become a powerful yet cheap way to attain your goals.

If used right, content marketing can bring outstanding results. With its help, you can boost your positioning in search results, drive more traffic, and generate more engagements. But how do you start?

First of all, it is a complex and ongoing process. Thus, as a busy student, you first want to find ways to support yourself academically. By finding how to “write paper for me” and who will be by your side, you will be able to save enough time for your marketing efforts and get high grades at the same time. Then, to get on the right track with your strategy, use this guide with the top eight content marketing ideas and tips that are proven to work!

Content Marketing Ideas Students Can Use

Set Out Clear Goals and KPIs

Whether you are promoting your startup’s website, social media, or personal blog, the first thing you want to do is to have clear goals in mind. What are you hoping to achieve? For example, you might be looking to grow your following or boost traffic. Or, if you are running a student business, you might be hoping to boost brand awareness, generate leads, and drive sales.

Once you define your core goals, set out the KPIs (key performance indicators). KPIs will help you measure success as you deploy your strategy.

Define Your Audience

The next essential step in building your strategy requires getting to know your audience. The truth about this kind of promotion is that it works great only when it’s relevant to your readers. So, don’t skip this step.

Use Google Analytics, as well as email and social media tools, to collect the basic data about the people you want to reach with your content. Organize this data and keep it at hand.

Add Keywords

Now, let’s get directly to marketing ideas that you can leverage for success. First and foremost, make keywords your friends. Conduct thorough keyword research to see which ones work well for your niche and add them to your articles. This simple trick will help you make your content more searchable and improve your SEO.

Experiment With Content Types

When writing articles for your blog or website, it can be easy to cling too much to one specific kind. But, in reality, there are plenty of different types of content that all work great. 

These can include:

  • Long-form;
  • Video;
  • Infographics;
  • Webinars;
  • Podcasts, etc.

Even when it comes to standard blog posts, there are also plenty of ideas to try – how-to guides, tutorials, case studies, listicles, etc. By experimenting with formats and types of content, you can keep your blog more lively and, thus, attract more traffic.

Content Marketing Ideas Students Can Use

Try Guest Posting

Guest posting is a process of publishing your posts on other people’s blogs and websites, typically more popular and credible than yours. This tactic has many benefits. 

Namely, it can provide you with:

  • Better exposure as you will reach new, wider audiences.
  • Strong links to your own website or blog from a trusted resource.
  • Higher rankings as search engines use backlinks from trusted sources as proof of your site’s credibility.

To get these benefits, you need to create a strong and high-quality post and offer it to different sites that publish guest posts. The more posts you publish, the better.

Create a Newsletter

The average ROI (return on investment) of email marketing is $42 for every dollar you spend. This makes it an essential element of every content marketing strategy, so here is one more idea for you – create a newsletter for your blog or website. Make it regular, personalized, and exciting to keep your subscribers engaged and attract new ones. 

Create a Lead Magnet

Another cool idea you should try is a lead magnet. In a nutshell, a lead magnet is a piece of free, often downloadable content that you give to your readers in exchange for their contact information. 

Basically, this trick is used for generating more leads that you can later nurture and turn into your paying customers. On top of that, a lead magnet will also boost your credibility and build trust with your target audience. So, if you are a startup founder, you should give this idea a try.

What can it be? A lead magnet can be anything that brings real value and solves a reader’s problem. Most often, it is an ebook, case study, webinar, or checklist. But it can also be a report, mini-course, free trial, quiz, etc.

Take Audience Behind the Scenes

Finally, one last idea you can try is to make content that takes your audience behind the scenes of your company or life. Although it might not be the most obvious idea, it is proven to work. These days, the audience wants to see the real life and real people behind every blogger or brand. 

So, showing them a bit of what is going on behind the closed door is a great way to get your readers engaged and build more trust between them and you.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to promoting social media accounts, blogs, startup websites, and pretty much anything else on the web, content is one of the top things you want to focus on. It has been long proven that effective content marketing can maximize your advertising outcomes. At the same time, it can be a free or rather cheap tactic to use, which makes it especially good for students.

Hopefully, after reading this article, you know where to start your journey. The ideas and tips we shared with you here are all time-tested and effective. Start using them right now to get the best results from your content marketing efforts!

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