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“Come over to Finland”: Lady list Benefits of Moving to Finland: Free School, Child and more – video trend

A young woman from Finland has provided advice to online users on the advantages of visiting.

She asserted in a video posted on her official TikTok account that children over seven receive free education.



The Benefits of Moving to Finland: Free School, Child Welfare, & More

On TikTok, a woman going by the handle @kiksbabe4luv offered three strong justifications for why people ought to think about relocating to Finland.

WOTHAPPEN understand that Her video highlighted the nation’s remarkable advantages, especially in the fields of education, child welfare, and assistance for first-time parents.

Kiksbabe addressed the common inquiries she received about her decision to relocate to Finland and highlighted the advantages of living there.

Kiks claims Finland offers free education to children

In her video, she outlined three key reasons to consider making the move.

Firstly, she emphasized Finland’s remarkable education system, stating that children from the age of 7 up to university and PhD levels can receive free education.

Secondly, she mentioned the provision of free school meals for children from the age of 7 up to vocational studies, which occur after secondary school but before university.

Lastly, she highlighted an exceptional benefit for expecting parents. According to her, in Finland, when a child is born, the parents receive a generous gift package containing 50 different items, including clothes, socks, and various essential items.

This support is provided even before the child is born, demonstrating Finland’s commitment to the well-being of families.

Reactions as lady advises netizens to move to Finland

Kiksbabe’s TikTok video has garnered significant attention, resonating with viewers who are intrigued by the advantages of living in Finland.

@concernedcitizenug said:

“Which language is used in Finland?”

@hadjia678 said:

“My people in the comment section asking how you can to be there! The real question is what job can you do there to survive that’s the most important.”

@Winner Odilinye reacted:

“How can I get a visa to Finland.”

@user4115954561909 reacted:

“You sound too sincere. I am interested dear.”

@emmanuelegyir959 said:

“Please help me to get there, any job. am from ghana West Africa.”

@Ade reacted:

“How can I apply.”

@user8687475708312BankTony said:

“How can you assist me pls.”

Watch the video below:

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