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    Chrisland School Girl Video

    Chrisland School Obtains CCTV Video Of What Happened In Dubai Hotel

    Students’ group sex scandal sparked outrage when a Chrisland school video surfaced.

    Many people on social media are outraged by the news coming out of Chrisland School in Lagos State’s Victoria Island Garden City (VGC).

    In an incident that occurred on April 14th, a 10-year-old girl was expelled from school for having sex with other students. While in Dubai for the World School Games this past march, an event occurred (UAE).

    On Monday, it was still not apparent if the school had also suspended the other at-fault individuals. Also, we have no idea how old the girl’s peers are. All of them, though, are believed to be in their twenties.

    Also: Chrisland School Speaks Suspends “It Was A Willful ‘Truth And Dare’ Game” a ten-year-old female student who has been abused

    While the school claims the students involved acted “willfully,” some social media accounts claim otherwise, claiming the girl was “raped by fellow pupils.”

    The students recorded the romp and uploaded it to Instagram, a social media platform.

    A pregnancy test was conducted, according to friends of the 10-year-father. old’s

    Mercy Johnson Okojie, a daughter of Nollywood actress Mercy Johnson, also competed in the 2022 World School Games in Dubai.

    Watch Chrisland school Video Here.

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    Chrisland School Viral Video Causes Rage On Internet [WATCH HERE]

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