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Chris Evans’ Surprising Love Story: Unmasking the Identity of Alba Baptista, His Mysterious Wife



Chris Evans' Surprising Love Story: Unmasking the Identity of Alba Baptista, His Mysterious Wife

In the swirl of Hollywood romance, Chris Evans, the electrifying 42-year-old superstar, has embarked upon a harmonious marital journey with the dazzling 26-year-old actress, Alba Baptista, after less than two years of courtship. 

The legendary actor who has adorned the persona of Captain America exchanged vows in a serene and intimate ceremony in Massachusetts. The glittering congregation boasted the presence of fellow Marvel dominants like Robert Downey Jr, Chris Hemsworth, and Jeremy Renner. Dive deeper to unearth all the captivating details about this star-studded wedding and the newest A-list couple to step into the bonds of matrimony.

Alba Baptista was born in Lisbon, Portugal on July 10, 1997, making her 26 years old. She is an actress best known for her role as Ava in the Netflix series Warrior Nun, which served as her English-language debut. She also played Natasha in 2022 film Mrs. Harris Goes to Paris.

She has also starred in multiple Portuguese films and series such as A Impostora, Filha da Lei, A Criação, and Jogo Duplo.

Baptista is multilingual and can speak Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, and German, according to her IMDb page. She can thank her parents for this skill set as she is the daughter of a Brazilian engineer and Portuguese translator.

In 2021, she explained industry outlet Fade to Her that her path to becoming an actress started when she was a teenager: “It happened by chance when I was fifteen,” she said. “I was invited to an audition for a leading role in a film where the director simply asked me existentialist questions.”

On Instagram, Alba has under 750,000 followers and uses her social account to post a lot of modern and artistic imagery from her personal and professional life. Although she hasn’t been active since meeting Chris in November 2022… who knows, maybe a joint account is on the way!

How long have Chris Evans and Alba Baptista been together?

Although there are no exact dates on when Evans met Baptista – who is 16 years his junior – rumors that the two were in a more serious relationship started to break in late 2022.

In November, a source told PEOPLE that they were already ‘in love’.

“They are in love and Chris has never been happier,” the source continued, stating that Evans’ friends and family “all adore her.”

However, it’s also been suggested that the two met in the summer of 2022 when Chris was filming The Gray Man and Alba was filming Warrior Nun.

While Chris was named People’s ‘sexiest man in the world’ in 2022, it appeared that he had decided to take a backseat from his usual bachelor lifestyle and make plans for a long-term commitment with Alba. Something that never happened with previous girlfriend Jessica Biel – despite a five-year relationship – Minka Kelly or Jenny Slate.

Chris decided to make their relationship official when he shared a video on his story on January 6, 2023. The clip showed him and Baptista scaring each other and was captioned: “A look back at 2022” with three heart emojis.

The next online and public display of affection was on Valentine’s Day, where Chris shared a slideshow of pictures in admiration of his new girlfriend.

The slideshow included pictures of Evans and Baptista together inside, out in the woods, with their dog, and skiing. Evans also shared a video of him introducing Baptista to Mario Bros 3.

He captioned the video clip: “…I introduced her to Mario Bros 3 (she hates this video but I LOVE it.”

After Evans shared the story, fans took to Twitter to react to it. Many shared the pictures and added their thoughts on the slideshow, calling the couple “so cute”.

One fan said: “Chris Evans and Alba Baptista the IT couple.”

Another wrote: “The main takeaway of this….. #ChrisEvans looks genuinely happy. that’s all that matters. He’s actually confident to show off his relationship to the public. Just be happy that he is living his life. #albabaptista.”

“I want to be loved like Chris Evans loves Alba Baptista and I want to love like alba Baptista loves Chris Evans,” a third posted.

While the couple’s relationship has been largely out of the spotlight during their whirlwind romance, it appears that fans are more than happy to call Chris and Ashley a superhero duo.

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