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Charlie Patino Parents: Meet Katy Patino and Jules Patino.



Charlie Patino Parents

Charlie Patino Parents: Meet Katy Patino and Jules Patino

Charlie Patino is an English Youth footballer and an academic graduate of Arsenal and one of England’s promising footballers

Charlie Patino Biography

Charlie is of English Nationality and holds a British Passport. He was born in Watford, England.

Charlie Patino was born on October 17, 2003.  He celebrated his 17th birthday in style.  just days after his birthday, He was signed for the senior Arsenal Football Club.

Due to his young age, he isn’t getting any games for the senior team. But Patino is still estimated to be one of the best young talents for England.

Patino, with his skills, had made headlines of talk for many people and pundits. The qualities in him are even compared to one of the superstars of English football Phil Foden. He is believed to have the same impact shortly.

Patino was born in Watford and has grown up in London. This has meant he has featured in youth team games for England making appearances at under-15 and under-16 level.

Despite this, the youngster is still eligible to play for Spain and this is because his father grew up there and supported Deportivo La Coruna. Even his playing style has been compared to that of a typical Spanish midfielder.

He was playing for the under-18s side of Arsenal. Currently, he signed a new contract with the senior team of Arsenal.

Although being the talk of the town, Patino has little to no information about him in the media. He doesn’t have his bio posted on Wikipedia.

Charlie prefers to play as a center midfielder in the context of football. He can sometimes adapt to being a defensive midfielder too.

Patino was spotted at the age of seven playing for St Albans City Youth Football Club and was picked up by Luton Town to join their academy set-up.

His siblings, if he has any, are unknown.

He scored two goals for Arsenal Under-23 in two seasons, playing eight matches in total. He currently has two goals and four assists in his career statistics bag.

The 17-year-old is a central midfielder by trade.

Renowned for his ball-playing ability, Patino has credited Santi Cazorla as a big inspiration for him as he continues to learn his trade with the Gunners.

Patino is just breaking into the scene of football as a youngster. He has many more years in his hands with the Arsenal Football Club. So with time moving on and his skills, too, Patinos net worth will only rise from here.

Charlie has an Instagram account with the handle @charliepatino10.

He currently has 42 posts, 48.6k followers, and 442 followings.

He is pretty active in social media. He often posts his pictures from training, his goals, matches, and many more. His Instagram bio states as”Footballer for @Arsenal and @England.”

Patino’s net worth is estimated at 72.8K pounds. Charlie’s salary is currently 1400 pounds a week.

His contract with Arsenal expires on June 30, 2023.

He is single and has never made any public declarations regarding his romantic relationships. As of April 2022, he has devoted all of his time and energy to perfecting his playing technique.

He does not have children now considering his age.

Charlie Patino Parents: Meet Katy and Jules Patino.

Charlie Patino Parents: Meet Katy and Jules Patino

Charlie Patino was born in Watford. His mother is English and his father is Spanish. He joined the Arsenal youth academy from Luton Town.

Katy and Jules Patino are not only the parents but also an essential backbone for their son Charlie – who has grown up with unparalleled support from them!

Patino’s parents are of Spanish heritage.

His parents are Spanish immigrants who preferred to settle down in England before Charlie was born.

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