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Boy with 9As in WAEC Choose to Keep Him at Home



 Adeshina Shalom Ololade score of 9As in the West Africa Examination Council  (WAEC) have expressed their inability to fund his tertiary education. This promising young man, an embodiment of intellectual prowess and dedication, finds himself tethered by circumstances beyond his control, a scenario that many young talents in Nigeria can tragically relate to.

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The student’s exceptional performance in the WAEC—an examination that serves as a passport for advance learning in Nigeria and several other West African countries—speaks volumes of his potential. However, the scenario presents a biting commentary on the myriad of economic challenges that proliferate many Nigerian families, obstructing pathways to much-needed educational advancements. 

The difficulty in accessing tertiary education due to financial constraints is not a struggle peculiar to this family alone; it is a common narrative in Nigeria. Several reports and surveys suggest the severity of these economic barriers: 

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Seeks support from Nigerians

He appeals to Nigerians to help Shalom and not let his brilliance go to waste.

He says that Shalom’s parents are mainly looking for a sponsorship for him, even though they also need money now to start.

@Iamowolewa also reveals that Shalom was able to finish his secondary education with the help of one of his friends’ parents, who paid his school fees.

He says that Shalom’s father was tired at a point and asked him to withdraw from school.

His friend told his own parents that his best friend was about to be withdrawn from school.

The tweet also includes a letter from Shalom’s secondary school, which confirms that he is an excellent student and that the school has waived the debt owed by his parents.

Many people have expressed their admiration for Shalom and their willingness to support him. Some have also tagged various organizations and individuals that might be able to offer him scholarships or grants.

Shalom is one of the many talented Nigerian students who face the challenge of accessing quality education due to poverty and lack of opportunities.

See the tweet below:

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