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Bold Daughter Takes Bold Step: Informs Mother She’ll Be with Boyfriend for 48 Hours to Witness Her Reaction



Bold Daughter Takes Bold Step: Informs Mother She'll Be with Boyfriend for 48 Hours to Witness Her Reaction

 A young girl dared to assert herself by telling her mother, “Don’t look for me, I’m spending two days with my boyfriend” and subsequently awaited the anticipated maternal reaction. What could possibly provoke such audacious frankness, one may ask. Was this a test, a rebellion or simply an act of asserting her independence? The ensuing occurrences, however, would leave the online community startled and definitely not indifferent to this unfolding drama.

These words boldly declared by a young girl to her mother were not only peppered with a distinct sense of defiance but also carried a hint of curiosity. These were not words uttered in the heat of an argument or during a rebellious phase. They were intentionally and deliberately spoken to elicit a reaction, to test boundaries, and, at some level, to set a precedent. And the reactions ensued as expected; every verbal tremor was captured and analyzed diligently not only by the mother but also by thousands of captivated virtual spectators. 

  • The Immediate Reaction: The unfazed mother, her initial response, and how she maintained her composure.
  • The Online Frenzy: The surge of comments and judgments from spectators across the online community.
  • The Girl’s Response: The young lady’s response to her mother and to the mounting reactions online.

As this bold declaration’s implications ripple across various quarters, it is indeed fascinating to dissect each aspect of this family episode that has transcended from private to public domain. How did the mother respond? Was she taken aback, angered, or perhaps indifferent? What was at the crux of this scenario? Was it a mere curiosity, an act of rebellion, or an assertion of independence by the young girl?

In a TikTok video, a user with the handle @favourr_r leaked her WhatsApp conversation with her African mother.

In the chat, she lied to her mother that she wouldn’t be returning home as she planned to stay with her boyfriend for two days.

The playful caption read:

“POV: I Pranked my African Mum that I’m going to stay with my boyfriend for two days.”

Mother reacts sarcastically as daughter pranks her with visit to boyfriend’s house

Favourr_r’s mother responded to her prank message with sarcastic comments, asking her daughter to stay as long as possible and claiming that she wasn’t waiting for her.

She said:

“I laugh, you are not at home. You just want to tell me that I will see you tomorrow or next tomorrow. Okay oh. Make it till next week or next month. I’m not even waiting for you. No problem, Alright oh.”

Reactions as lady pranks African mother with 2 days visit to boyfriend’s house

Netizens found her mother’s sarcastic reply amusing and reacted to it with comments of laughter.

@Osamudiame said:

“There will be a lot of problems when you return home.”

@Theheavens072 reacted:

“Is the “I laugh” for me.”

@YO LO reacted:

“Those laugh wey she dey laugh na evil laugh.”

@Neylo commented:

“That laugh isn’t just a laugh.”

@Tomiwa said:

“She said you should make it next week.”

@Muna commented:

“It’s the “I laugh” for me.”

@DRIS reacted:

“The sarcasm.”

Watch the video below:

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