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Bianca Lawson Husband: Biography: Net Worth, Pregnant, Baby, Age, weight again, Movies, Height



Bianca Lawson Husband: Biography: Net Worth, Pregnant, Baby, Age, weight again, Movies, Height

There exists in the panorama of American television, a gem named Bianca Lawson, who, through her timeless talent and dynamic exploration of diverse roles, has prominently marked her footprint. 

Her career, spanning numerous decades, is adorned with a plethora of memorable performances; performances that have succeeded in charming audiences across various mediums – the small and big screens alike. Herein, we embark on a fascinating journey through the life, significant accomplishments, and valuable contributions of the immensely talented starlet, Bianca Lawson


  • Full Name: Bianca Jasmine Lawson
  • Moment of Birth: March 20, 1979
  • Age: Bestows upon her the grace of 44 years
  • Gender: She
  • Origins: Set in the vibrant culture of Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Identity: Proudly American
  • Profession: Embodies an Actress

Early Life & Education 

Born under the auspices of March 20, 1979, the effervescent Bianca Jasmine Lawson tapped into her 44th year in 2023. A native to the vibrant city of Los Angeles, California, her affinity with acting was ignited at an early age, nurtured within a familial foundation firmly connected to the entertainment industry

Bathing in the celebrity aura, Lawson’s father, Richard Lawson, is an actor of celebrated stature, while her mother, Denise Gordy, displays her artistry as a reputable costume designer. 

Engulfed in her inherent passion for acting, Lawson’s academic chronicles include a chapter at the prestigious Stella Adler Studio. However, before she ventured into this exciting realm, she successfully completed high school at Marymount High School, a distinguished Catholic institution nestled in the heart of Los Angeles. 

The strict discipline and the school’s zealous emphasis on academic brilliance and character refinement equipped Lawson with an all-encompassing education. This holistic learning experience undoubtedly built resilience, preparing her for the challenges she would soon encounter in her ensuing professional journey.

What movies has Bianca Lawson appeared in?

Bianca Lawson, an accomplished actress in the Hollywood industry, boasts an extensive list of works that span across various genres and platforms. Her captivating performances and relentless dedication to her craft have earned her roles in a myriad of famous productions. 

Television Roles

Lawson initiated her career on the small screen, demonstrating her acting prowess in famed series that have been etched in the annals of television history. Among her earliest roles was in the sitcom, Goode Behavior, which aired in 1996. However, her breakthrough came when she was cast in the cult favorite teen drama, Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Kendra Young. This role garnered her much recognition and set the stage for future TV successes. 

In the tumultuous world of daytime television, Lawson portrayed Maya St. Germain on the popular and gripping series, Pretty Little Liars. Additionally, she was seen in the supernatural drama series, Teen Wolf as Marin Morrell, and in the critically acclaimed high school drama, Save the Last Dance as Nikki. More recently, she was part of the celebrated Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why, playing the role of defense lawyer Mrs. Walker.


Lawson hasn’t shied away from the glitz and glamour of the silver screen either. She made her cinematic debut in the late 90s with the film Primary Colors, which offered her a platform to demonstrate her versatility as an actress. Later, she appeared in the horror film Bones in 2001. Coincidentally, her path led her back into the world of the supernatural with a role in the horror movie, The Haunting of Hill House

Her appearances, however, are not limited to dramatic and horror genres. Lawson demonstrated her ability to tackle a variety of characters when she starred in the comedy movie, The Pavilion as Clara Huddleston. She further showcased her range in the romantic drama, Breakin’ All the Rules as Helen Sharp. 

It’s clear that Bianca Lawson’s filmography stands as a testament to her skill and adaptability as an actress. From television to film, her capacity to breathe life into a wide array of characters has established her as a talented and respected figure in the entertainment industry.

Does Bianca Lawson have a husband?

Deciphering the private life of a high-profile personality such as Bianca Lawson often piques the interest of many. That said, curiosity has frequently been cast towards the actress’s marital status—whether she has exchanged wedding vows, or found a partner to call her husband. 

The answer, as of the present date, is that Bianca Lawson is not married. Celebrities of her caliber often live their life in the glare of public spotlight, making it nearly impossible to keep major life events such as marriage concealed. The absence of any such news or credible source pointing towards Lawson’s marital status suggests that the accomplished actress is currently without a spouse.

While some might be intrigued by this revelation, it is crucial to remember that an individual’s marital status does not define their success or accomplishment. Bianca Lawson, in her own right, has built an enviable career that has set her apart as one an exceptional talent in Hollywood industries, without a ring on her finger.

Her strength of character and relentless dedication towards her craft have commanded considerable admiration among her global admirers. So despite the absence of a husband in her life story, Bianca remains a source of inspiration to many.

Does Bianca Lawson have any kids?

No, as of the latest updates, the respected and versatile actress Bianca Lawson has not reported having any children. The actress, despite being linked romantically to numerous individuals in the industry over the years, has kept any such private matters away from the public eye. As such, Bianca Lawson, adored for her charm and talent both on and off the screen, continues to focus on propelling her artistry to greater heights without any reports of parenthood surfacing. 

Height and Body Measurements

Renowned for her captivating screen presence, Bianca Lawson stands at an average height of around 5 ft 4 inches, which translates to approximately 163 cm. Complementing her height are her reported body measurements of 34-23-36 inches, illustrating her well-maintained physique, a testament to her regimen of healthy living and consistent exercise. Her radiant skin tone, coupled with her brown eyes and black hair, completes her stunning appearance, a visual charm she carries with grace on-screen. 

Bianca Lawson’s Net Worth

Accolades and admiration aside, her successful career in the acting industry has also led to a considerable accumulation of wealth for Bianca Lawson. According to numerous sources, the actress commands an impressive net worth of $2 million as of recent reports. This considerable financial status is a direct result of her consistent work in high-profile TV series and movies, reflecting the fruits of her passion and hard work in the world of acting. 

Instagram Profile and Social Media Presence

Despite her somewhat private nature when it comes to her personal life, Bianca Lawson continues to maintain an active presence on social media, particularly on Instagram. Followers can catch a glimpse of her professional and occasional personal life through her posts. Her Instagram handle, @biancajasminelawson, boasts over one hundred thousand followers, further testifying to her popularity and widespread fan base. The account primarily features her filmography updates, behind-the-scenes insights, and occasional snapshots of her life away from the limelight.

What is Bianca Lawson’s net worth?

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