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Bet9ja Website Hack: who owns Bet9ja? Is Bet9ja Hacked?| Bet9ja News

Bet9ja Website Was Hacked By Russian Black Cat Hackers

What happened to Bet9ja when their website was hacked? Is Bet9ja compromised? The term “Bet9ja news” is currently trending.

Sports bettors in Nigeria have been scouring the internet for information about Bet9ja since a probable hack of the Bet9ja website was reported.

Wothappen had reported earlier that Nigerian Betting Company, Bet9ja has been hacked by the Russian Blackcat Group, a statement issued by the popular betting company said on Thursday, April 7, 2022.

What Happened To Bet9ja? Is Bet9ja Hacked?

This online news platform understands that the Bet9ja website hack was confirmed by the company, who noted that the entire Bet9ja system has been under attack by the Russian Blackcat group which is famous for hacking big companies in the world.

Bet9ja Website Hack: Latest Bet9ja News

Wothappen Nigeria reports that the hackers according to a statement issued by Bet9ja on Thursday,  April 7, 2022

, are reportedly asking for a Ransom but they never accepted their condition.

The company stated that their IT team was working tirelessly to restore normal services of the Bet9ja website and further assured customers that their funds are safe despite Bet9ja website hacked trending.

Bet9ja Website Hack who owns Bet9ja Is Bet9ja Hacked| Bet9ja News

What is Bet9ja saying about Bet9ja website hack?

The statement reads thus; “It is important to keep you all updated on the actual position of things as it has been very challenging in the last 24 hours. We have seen some posts in different groups that we are carrying out a maintenance, that is obviously not the case. We will not choose an important UCL day to do such.

“The entire Bet9ja system has been under attack by the Russian Blackcat group who are famous for several attacks to huge companies in the world. It is a huge hacker attack by this Russian group but our people are working from yesterday without stopping for a minute to restore all the services but it is not easy.”

“The company told their esteemed customers to remain calm as everything will be under control.

“Please do not be discouraged, we will surely restore things as soon as possible and provide update on the progress.

“They are asking for ransom already but we will never accept their conditions. it is important to let you know this so that we are all on the same page. They have hit us hard but of course they cannot kill us. We will stand our ground and come back even much more stronger,” the statement read.

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