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“Below is My ATM”: Man Challenges Girlfriend with Math Puzzle to Discover ATM PIN

Mathematical Viral Sensation: Girlfriend Tackles Puzzle to Uncover Boyfriend’s ATM PIN



"Below is My ATM": Man Challenges Girlfriend with Math Puzzle to Discover ATM PIN

Mind-Bending Math Riddle: Girlfriend Takes on Cryptic Puzzle to Reveal Boyfriend’s ATM PIN, Goes Viral

 Responses from netizens, ranging from genuine attempts at solving the mathematical problem to humorous comments.

The woman, known as @kaaego on platform X, shared her dilemma in a post that gained significant attention. She was left the maths problem by her boyfriend as a means to access his ATM PIN. 

In a handwritten note accompanying the ATM card, her boyfriend instructed @kaaego to take care of her personal needs like hair styling, shopping, and dining out.

Though it doesn’t directly relate to the narrative. Photo Credit: Paolo Cordoni, X/@kaaego. Source: Getty Images

The woman presented the mathematical problem set before her by her boyfriend. The solution of which would reveal her boyfriend’s ATM PIN.

“Men are just wicked, see what my boyfriend left for me today,” she wrote as she shared his ATM card and the note on X.

Her tweet blew up and got many talking. Some netizens tried to solve the maths problem.

See her tweet below:

People advise lady regarding math problem

@chuks_dollars said:

“I hv solved it, but I shouldn’t disclose it openly. Meet me privately for the ATM pin.”

@hotbeans000 said:

“How many girls this guy dey date I don see this picture before I joined twitter.”

@kokopops4eva said:

“When I solve that math, I swear I’ll empty that card bc of the stress.”

@gere_isaiah said:

“If na me i for start with. My intelligent beautiful beautiful baby” beauty and brains.”

@ErikManny2 said:

“Why you sef go date engineering student when you know say you no Sabi book.”

@elpadrinohh said:

“Eya sorry. Just turn the back of the card. Maybe we fit solve the entire issue asap.”

@ikefi said:

“Use Google or chat GPT to solve it if you can’t.”

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