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“Be Careful”: Lady Shares Video as She Exposes Items Mama Put Seller Buried Where She Cooks Food

A lady has exposed the shady dealing of a supposed food seller as she warned people to be wary of where they buy food

Beneath where the “mama put” seller prepared food for customers, some items were shockingly buried

After preparing her food, the food vendor removed all the items, quite to the shock of many people

A lady has caused quite a stir on social media by exposing a dishonest food seller.

Sharing a video on TikTok, she advised people to be safe and mind where they buy food from, saying human beings are wicked.

Be Careful Lady Shares Video as She Exposes Items Mama Put Seller Buried Where She Cooks Food
Items were buried underneath where the woman cooks Photo Credit blextonmusic<br>Source TikTok

According to her, it is due to things like this that someone would suddenly stop prospering after eating out.

In the clip, the “mama put” seller (another name for local food vendors) made food with firewood.

However, after taking down the food, she removed the firewood to reveal what looked like a small burial site or ground-safe box covered with sticks.

She dipped her hand in it and took out a live duck, a mirror and a spoon. The video shocked many people.

Responding to a netizen, the lady described the mama put woman’s action as a ritual.

Her words:

“It is abnormal for something to be buried underneath a cooking stove. It’s a ritual.”

Watch the video below:


#duet with @Mohamed n’foté please guys stay safe out there 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

♬ son original – Mohamed n’foté

Social media reactions

Philiph Ntimba said:

“We have been eating since we were kids but God protect us from all this evil drama.”

ANNIE said:

“Madame talk watin you know, you nor dey hear waiting them dey talk for the video, you just dey conclude.”


“It’s not only street food my dear. anything u don’t used ur hands to make it can only be God, like u said earlier prayer is the key, God help us all.”

Vivian Amaka said:

“Some people commenting it doesn’t mean, waste of data, bailable, I sorry for una, may be una don chop otu and una no know….., this is barbaric.”

Elijah_Samson_chichi said:

“There are lots of witchcraft back home so be careful whenever you visiting. I was once a victim being poisoned and secondly being kidnapped as well.”

Man dances for nursing mother inside mama put

Meanwhile, WOTHAPPEN previously reported that a man had danced for a nursing mother inside a mama put.

The dancer, known on TikTok as @brytiwundu, met the woman at a roadside mama put and decided to cheer her up with a sweet dance.

When Bryt saw the woman in the 30 seconds video, she was busy feeding her baby. She did not know that something good was coming her way.

He first presented the bouquet of N500 notes to her, and she was surprised.

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