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BBNaija’s Season 7: Love triangle as Groovy admits feelings for Ilebaye and Beauty

BBNaija’s Season 7: Love triangle as Groovy admits feelings for Ilebaye and Beauty

Big Brother Naija Level Up housemate, Ilebaye has been dragged into an entanglement with co-housemates Beauty and Groovy.

Groovy, one of the hottest male housemates this season, has admitted his feelings for Ilebaye.

The reality star confessed this during their first secret diary session with Biggie.

Groovy admitted that he has feelings for Beauty and Ilebaye, who are sworn enemies.

Wothappen reported three days back that Beauty, who is a Level Two housemate, became a hot topic after she went extreme by attacking her co-housemate, Ilebaye.

Beauty Tukura, an ex-Miss Nigeria, lost her cool after their first Saturday night party and verbally attacked her fellow housemate and friend, Ilebaye.

The 24-year-old got angry seeing her love partner, Groovy, dance with Level 1 housemate, Chomzy at the party.

An infuriated Beauty felt disrespected that her supposed boyfriend was dancing with Chomzy, with whom she has a beef.

The situation worsened as Ilebaye, her closest friend in the house, tried talking things with her.

Rather than seeing reasoning in her point and talking things calmly, Beauty flared up and the situation aggravated.

Beauty started creating a scene, as Ilebaye still tried to calm the situation.

Ilebaye said: ‘Just behave yourself’

Beauty replied, “I should what???”

After ordering Ilebaye out of the room, Beauty went to the dining room where Ilebaye was sitting with other housemates to continue her rantings.

Taking things to the extreme, Beauty pulled off her wig and boldly stood at Ilebaye’s face to confront her, however, the latter remained unruffled.

Beauty went as far as raining insults on Bryann for cautioning her.

The ex-beauty queen had to be restrained by a fellow housemate, Cyph.

She was later summoned to the diary room by Biggie where she was given a strike.

Groovy wasn’t the only one with a love confession.

Housemates like, Bryann, Ilebaye, Khalid, Cyph, Jess, Daniella, and Hermes admitted their love interests.

Bryann: Daniella

Ilebaye: Kess

Cyph: Daniella

Kess: Daniella

Daniella: Bryann

Groovy: Beauty and Ilebaye

Hermes: Chichi

Wothappen news recalls Beauty had confronted Ilebaye for combing Groovy’s hair.

The beauty queen criticised Ilebaye for combing her supposed boyfriend’s hair without permission.

According to Beauty, she had given Groovy the comb.

It seems Beauty felt Ilebaye was trying to steal her man and was being overly protective and marking her territory.

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