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BBNaija’s Kess estranged wife reveals how he tried to get her fired from her job

Video: BBNaija’s Kess estranged wife shares disturbing details about his attempt to get her fired



Watch the viral video of BBNaija’s Kess estranged wife revealing his attempt to sabotage her job.

How I lost two kids and my husband didnt care and was more pained about losing BBN Kess wife Kemi Filani blog min 1300x867 1 Wothappen

 Kess estranged wife have accuse him of trying to have her dismissed from her job. She made this claim in a series of Instagram posts.

Angel stated that Kess had sent emails to her employers in an attempt to get her terminated. According to her, these emails included false allegations against her intended to jeopardize her position. 

She firmly believes that the reality star’s actions were meant to cause her to lose her job.

“F.U Go to hell. He emailed my job and tried to get me fired and said more lies. The F”.

Reacting to it, many slammed the reality star for his pettiness.

One D Herry Gold wrote, “Pettiness at its peak, imagine a very stup!d person. Anyone who tries to end your means of livelihood is our number one enemy

One Miss Jay wrote, “Narcissist behavior

One Sandra Doll wrote, “Fair men and their wahala

One Juicy Cumin Aphrodisiac wrote, “Him fit do am Sha

One Ola Cheedah wrote, “Jigolo man, very lazy and ungrateful thing, how did u even come across him? He doesn’t even act remorseful at all.

He tried to get me sack from my job Kess wife drags him Kemi Filani blog min Wothappen

One Annie Salis wrote, “Low-budget yahoo boy

One Lamosi Vibes wrote, “Yahoo boy looking for his next victim

One Omotola Aji wrote, “Just be grateful you haven’t helped him move to the USA. That would have been much painful”.

He tried to get me sack from my job by emailing my employers Kess wife drags him Kemi Filani blog min Wothappen

For over a week now, Kess has been thrown into the limelight after his wife accused him of infidelity and domestic abuse.

She accused him of having an affair with his colleague turn roommate, Christy O, and claimed that she had been financially supporting Kess and his family throughout their marriage.

According to her, she was suspicious of his relationship with Christy and when she dug into it, she stumbled upon chat messages confirming her suspicion.

Her husband on his part, debunked her allegations, stating that his wife is highly manipulative, cr@zy, insecure, and loves to bring confusion as she speaks from two sides of her mouth.

Taking to her Instagram page to maintain her stance on his affair with Christy O, she claimed to have caught her in his room on several occasions.

Taking a bold move, Della revoked his American visa and stripped him of everything.

Kess’ colleague, Phyna had jumped to his defense, revealing how his wife had also accused her of having an affair with her husband.

She also slammed Kess’ wife, over her manipulations and emotional blackmail, as she noted how a woman’s side of a story is more believable to the public even when they are lying.

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