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BBN Phyna Unleashes Fury on Family Members in Response to Viral Interview: “They Will Be Eating My Corpse When I Pass Away”



BBN Phyna Unleashes Fury on Family Members in Response to Viral Interview: “They Will Be Eating My Corpse When I Pass Away”

 Made some shocking statements following her father’s viral interview. The outspoken actor didn’t shy away from expressing her palpable annoyance, leading to an outrageously bold claim: “They must eat my corpse when I die”. This bizarre comment, directed toward her own family members, unfolded on social media and has since sent shockwaves across her fan base.

Phyna appears worn out from her family’s demands, possibly triggering her father’s viral discussion. 

After the interview, which caused online responses, she fiercely responded to them.

Phyna stated that her family should eat her remains after she passes away and that this event should be witnessed by Nigerians. 

She also disclosed that her refusal of a request led her father to give an interview. Because of this situation, her name is trending on social media

View the posts below:

Netizens react to Phyna’s post

While some guessed Phyna’s family might have been stressing her over money, others dragged her.

Read some of the comments sighted below:


“Maybe they want to kee her with bills, some family has no limit.”


“I think we should look at this from another eyes. The fact that most parents neglect their child and then expect to be pampered at the point of their Sucess is mind blowwing! Such an entitlement. You can’t abandon your duties when your child needed you most and then shout to heavens because they neglected you in their success.”


“Mumu girl. Phyna no get sense.”


“See wetin una vote for,shame!! The family sef is so shameless.”


“People with good family be here insulting her if you have parents and siblings that don’t feel entitled to your money you don’t know what God has done for you.”


“U Dey fight every body including ur family, it can’t be just one no and they are granting interviews, parents will never do that to a good child, let’s be honest.”


“I can’t blame her, we all saw when her dad celebrated the new car she bought for him, and her mums surgery, some families can be real leeches.”

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