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Bailey Sarian Biography,Net Worth, Age, Profession & more



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Bailey Sarian biography, age height, net worth, relationship, family and many more can be accessed below.

Bailey Sarian is an American YouTuber and social media personality. She is famous for her YouTube show “Murder, Mystery & Makeup” video. Her “Dark History” podcast series as well has her in the limelight.

Who is Bailey Sarian?
Bailey Sarian was born on November 26, 1988 in Los Angeles, California, United States. There is a little to none known about her parents, siblings and personal life. Although her parents are unknown, she has mentioned on her show that she has a younger sister named Madison Malmberg.

She graduated from Paloma Valley High School, a four-year public school in Menifee, California. She is a cosmetics artist and a content creator. Sarian worked for Sephora Makeup and Cosmetics before starting her Murder Mystery & Makeup videos series on YouTube. As a professional makeup artist, she worked on weddings, advertisements, and music videos.

She has also done cosmetic tutorials inspired by celebrities like Kat Von D. In 2013, she started her YouTube channel. She produced makeup tutorials and shared tidbits about the fashion industry before including more nonfiction storytelling in 2019. She has a way of captivating her viewers’ attention with her makeup-storytime hybrid.

She once confessed: I’ve heard from people before they started to watch that automatically they thought, ‘Omigod, this is the most disrespectful trash I [will] ever see!’ But then they watch, and they’re like, ‘Oh, OK. I get what she was trying to do.’ August 2020, the professional makeup artist produced the Venice Fling Bailey Sarian x ESTATE Eyeshadow Palette in collaboration with ESTATE Cosmetics and IPSY. She also sells merch.

Bailey Sarian’s merch includes items like handbags, stickers, shorts, hoodies, makeup bags and T-shirts. Bailey now brings episodes of her YouTube series Murder, Mystery & Makeup to a podcast named Dark History, covering anything from cannibals to cover-ups. Her podcast discusses the dark underbelly and hidden secrets of well-known and lesser-known stories from U.S. and world history. YouTuber is currently single.

She was previously engaged to Fernando Valdez, who is a social media personality and graffiti and tattoo artist. Bailey and Fernando first met on 25th December 2013, when Bailey was getting her first tattoo, and soon they started dating.

On 16th May 2016, Fernando proposed to her in Paris on top of the Eiffel Tower. Fernando and Bailey Sarian’s wedding did not occur, although it was rumored they had a secret wedding. She has an estimated net wroth of US$8 million from a YouTube channel and cosmetic business.

What is Bailey Sarian’s age, height and weight?
Bailey Sarian is 34 years old in 2023. She is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs about 68 kilograms.

What is Bailey Sarian’s Nationality and Ethnicity?
Bailey Sarian is an American national with an Anglo-North American descent. Her ethnicity is unknown.

What is Bailey Sarian’s profession?
Bailey Sarian is a YouTuber and social media personality.

What is Bailey Sarian famous for?
Bailey Sarian is widely known for her “Murder, Mystery & Makeup” video series as well as her “Dark History” podcast. She is also the founder of the true crime and makeup genre of YouTube videos. Her career spans from 2013, that’s a good decade of work done.

Does Bailey Sarian have children?
Bailey Sarian does not have any children.

Who is Bailey Sarian married to?
Bailey Sarian is engaged to be married with her long term boyfriend, Fernando Valdez. Valdez is an American graffiti and tattoo artist from South Carolina. It is alleged that they even has a secret wedding.

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