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Australian Government’s Offer: $10,000 and Free Visa for Nigerian Construction Workers Willing to Relocate



Australian Government's Offer: $10,000 and Free Visa for Nigerian Construction Workers Willing to Relocate

Australian government needs construction workers 

Benefits include $10,000 for fees and relocation 

Nigerians aged 18 and above can apply, with payment made in stages 

Australia’s Construction Visa Subsidy Program (CVSP) aims to fix labour shortages in the construction sector. 

It provides financial incentives to motivate Nigerians and other foreign construction workers to move to Australia.

Construction Visa Subsidy Program

In a bold move aimed at alleviating labor shortages in the construction sector, the Australian government has rolled out a financial aid program.

The statement reads:

“The State Government is investing in initiatives to ensure locals are training for jobs for the future, but there is a need to retain skilled migrants in WA and for interstate and overseas workers who have the skills needed by WA businesses today.

“The new Construction Visa Subsidy Program (CVSP) is supporting Western Australian construction businesses to fill the demand for a skilled workforce.

“The program will provide grant payments of up to $10,000 to support skilled migration visa pathways for workers and help offset expenses such as migration agent fees, visa application fees and relocation costs.”

How the payment will work

The Australian government provided a breakdown of how the payment would be made to employers and selected migrants.

Eligible employers will receive payments of up to $10,000 per skilled migrant at three milestone points: Milestone 1: $2,000, Milestone 2: $4,000, and Milestone 3: $4,000.

Skilled migrants applying for their visa offshore can receive payments at two milestone points: Milestone 1: $5,000 and Milestone 2: $5,000

Also, skilled migrants already onshore when the CVSP begins can receive reduced payments to account for lower costs incurred: Milestone 1: $2,500 Milestone 2: $2,500

How to be eligible for Construction Visa Subsidy funds

However, not everyone immigrating to Australia will get the funds. There are procedures to be eligible for the CVSP independent skilled migrants must meet specific criteria:

  • Be granted a visa through the WA State Nominated Migration Program (SNMP) under visa subclasses 190 or 491.
  • Be employed by a business headquartered in Western Australia, engaged in building and construction work.
  • Work in eligible occupations as specified by the program.
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