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ASUU :Reasons Of Nationwide Warning Strike On 9th Of March, 2020



ASUU :Reasons Of Nationwide Warning Strike On 9th Of March, 2020

Education is not even necessary in Nigeria. Many graduates without Job. Everyone wants easy money just because they have certificate. What we need in Nigeria is farming tools not education. Africans men are known to be family oriented and productive not this current lazy miscreants men. Gambling, scamming watching football and doing nothing.

To have a president without university education is a mountainous problem. Despite all the borrowing this wicked government has borrowed, all the loot recovered, there has never been any tangible progress in this agreement since it was signed. A president with cowed ideology came to implement ruga against education for its population.

If ASUU decided to embark on a strike again, it’s advisable to convey farming machines from Federal government to young youths so they will drop education aside and concentrate on making the country self reliable for food production. President, Muhammad Buhari will be pleaded to look into the conclusion of the agreement between ASUU and the federal government to avoid the Nationwide strike we experienced in 2013.

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