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Assault trial: Ryan Giggs’ ex testifies against him in court

Assault trial: Ryan Giggs’ ex testifies against him in court

According to testimony given in court, Ryan Giggs’ ex-girlfriend described living with him during the initial Covid lockdown as “utter hell”

The 48-year-old former Manchester United player and Wales manager is accused of controlling and coercive behaviour as well as assaulting Kate Greville.

Mr Giggs is accused of causing her actual bodily harm as well as assaulting her younger sister, Emma Greville.

He denies all allegations.

He asked her to live with him in Worsley, Greater Manchester, and they moved in together.

Ms Greville stated that she did not move because she “wanted to stay with Ryan… because we had just started the relationship again”

During the lockdown, the couple engaged in online family quizzes, Zoom wine tastings, and had Michelin-starred chefs bring in food, according to the court.

However, Ms Greville stated that there were disagreements, including one about a dishwasher.

“He was making me feel like I was stupid, the way I was loading it. I had to do it exactly the way he wanted to do it.”

“You suggest in your various accounts that lockdown was a period of living hell.” Chris Daw QC, defending Mr Giggs, said.

Ms Greville responded, saying: “I felt like I was losing my mind. I was having panic attacks. It was a horrific time.”

The court previously heard that Mr Giggs had “deliberately headbutted” his ex-girlfriend and his private life involved a “litany of abuse, both physical and psychological”.

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