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Asoebi Fashion: 2 Ladies Command Attention in Stylish Green Agbada Outfit, Netizens in Awe

Two ladies stepped out for an event rocking matching agbada ensembles and a video has surfaced online

In the video, the ladies are seen waltzing out of a building rocking the stylish green ensembles

Several fashion lovers have taken to the comment section to share their thoughts about the looks

While corset styles continue to rule the fashion scene in Nigeria, there are some ladies who are making their own rules.

Two friends recently attended an event looking elegant and bossy in agbada ensembles.

Asoebi Fashion: 2 Ladies Command Attention in Stylish Green Agbada Outfit, Netizens in Awe
Photos of the ladies in agbadas. Credit: @ms_yudee
Source: Instagram

In the video, the ladies were seen walking out of a building with an air of confidence, draped in their agbada outfits which they both paired with black geles and red pointies.

Check out the video below:

Internet users compliment the ladies in agbada outfits


“So beautiful. Tired of the cleavage exposure and frivolous slits already.”


“I looooooooovvvvvvvveeeeeee everything about this look!!!!!!”


“I’ll choose this over corset thanks and God bless .”


“For luxury Queens only ❤️”


“Kimon ladies.”

Designer pleads with clients to bring easier fabrics to work with

While most people often have not-so-pleasant experiences with their tailors, not so much is heard about the struggles of these tailors.

A fashion designer identified as Mary Kent has taken to social media to share a glimpse of what some tailors face behind the scene.

In the video shared on TikTok, the lady is seen holding a bejewelled lace fabric as she proceeds to rant about an issue she faces in the hands of clients.

According to her, clients often bring such fabrics that are heavily embellished with beads, making the sewing process hard for tailors like herself.

Asoebi fashion fails: Lady left speechless after tailor delivered corset dress order

A video capturing a lady’s disappointment in her tailor’s work has left many internet users with mixed reactions.

In the video reposted by @sabiradio, the lady is seen in the dress replication which was placed side by side with the original design in a collage.

What she wanted was a corset dress which cinched at the waist with one bigger sleeve and an illusion neckline.

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