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    As he celebrates securing a First-Class Pass in NECO, a young Nigerian man proudly displays his F9 Parallel NECO result.

    As he celebrates securing a First-Class Pass in NECO, a young Nigerian man proudly displays his F9 Parallel NECO result.

    It’s hard to put into words how inspiring Mayowa Joshua Amusan’s story of academic success has been on the internet.

    Mayowa graduated from the University of Ibadan with a first-class degree in agricultural economics and was the department’s top student.

    In his first-ever written external exam, he scored F9 parallel.

    The National Examination Council (NEC) is Mayowa’s first-ever external examination, and he reveals that he failed all of the papers on his first attempt (NECO).

    A copy of the F9 parallel result was shared by the graduate, who stated that he was able to pass his WAEC exams after three attempts.

    In response to the question, the young man said he had transferred to the Polytechnic of Ibadan to continue his education.

    He entered UI through direct admission.
    Mayowa did well in her studies at Ibadan Polytechnic and decided to transfer to the University of Ibadan (UI).

    Mayowa said he was hesitant to register for UI’s POST-UTME because he feared he would not be able to complete it.

    The bright student was able to pass the exam thanks to the support of his family and siblings, and now he is a gold medalist in agricultural economics.

    As he put it to me:

    “My parents and siblings believed in me and God-willing I gained admission through direct entry into 200 Level to study Agricultural Economics. I not only made a first-class, but I graduated as the best in my department.

    “With God, hard work, a loving family, and good friends everything is possible.
    “Keep at it and DO NOT GIVE UP!”
    Nigerians hail him
    Topah grace Osuashi said:

    “So inspiring;
    “I love ur determination, it remind me of my quotes in school” No Excuse for Failure , if u fail, try again” Hemce, Strive till you succeed.”
    Ar. Adedayo Jeremiah Adeyekun stated:

    “U’re only a failure if you Decide to be. Lack of preparation and determination is the reason for failure.
    “Congratulations and ensure that the flag remains flying.”
    Abdullahi Salawu wrote:

    “This is big win Mayowa Joshua Amusan. Kindly accept my warm congratulations. I personally know what it takes to be a direct entry student. Having the brain is not enough in that journey, it requires intense commitment and determination to survive as a direct entry student.
    “Finishing as the best student in your class as a direct entry is an uncommon feat. I’m sure your story will inspire young folks in polytechnics and also direct entry students who are still battling for survival. You deserve to be celebrated. More wins.”

    Dr. Abiodun Adeleke (Abbey) reacted:

    “Congratulations to you Mayowa Joshua Amusan. You proved the possibilities in you against all odds and with the help of God and your tenacity with doggedness. Don’t stay on that step of the ladder, please, kari go forward but enjoy this feat first. Win more bro. Cheers.”

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