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Are Raven and SK Alagbada Still Together? Did They Get Married?



Are Raven and SK Alagbada Still Together? Did They Get Married?

Tumultuous romance. Former Love Is Blind couple Raven Ross and SK Alagbada seemed meant to be after she broke things off with fellow contestant Bartise Bowden and accepted SK’s proposal. However, their personal lives got in the way of exploring their love further, and cheating allegations soon disrupted their romance. 

Where do Raven and SK stand today? Keep scrolling for everything we know about Raven and SK’s relationship, their current status and more. 

Love Is Blind has seen a plethora of awkward relationships but Raven and SK’s relationship should be one of the top three. SK decided to not get married to Raven after the two had walked up the alter.

Now, fans wonder what happened to the couple since the episode. Even though many of the contestants have found their life partners on the show, looks like that wasn’t the case for Raven and SK.

Are Raven and SK Alagbada Still Together?

Raven and SK Alagbada are currently working to be back together after not getting married on Love Is Blind.

They got separated on their wedding day after Sikiru said no to Raven at the alter.

Sk and Rave separated after their breakup in episode 10 of Love Is Blind season 3. SK Alagbada ended up saying, “I do not” at their wedding.

“Today, Raven, we both know how we feel about each other. However, we have a very complex set of circumstances. I feel like today is not the right time for us to do this,” SK told Raven after he broke up with her.

However, SK hinted that he and Raven were getting back together and “taking” their relationship “one day at a time” in an interview with Bustle after their breakup.” He stated, “I’ve spoken with her. Right now, we’re just kind of taking it day by day.”

Reven also told Bustle that she and Alagbada are “in a great place” since they separated.  The headline of an interview with Raven and SK that Extra TV has since deleted said, “Love Is Blind Couple SK and Raven Are Back Together Following Wedding Breakup,”. Fans are thus hopeful that SK and Raven might be back together.

Did Raven and SK Alagbada Got Married?

The Love Is Blind contestant Raven and Sk Alagbada did not get married on Love Is Blind.

Raven and SK were the first couple to walk down the aisle in episode 10, but this wedding feels like the biggest plot twist in the show’s history. Before Raven goes to the altar, everyone first sees her in her wedding dress with a touching scene between her and SK’s mother.

When asked if he would be willing to marry Raven after their vows, SK answers, “no.” He justifies the situation by stating that getting married at this time would be inappropriate. She doesn’t want to move in just yet because he is going to graduate school.

However, many viewers hope the couple will get married in the coming days. It’s unclear what exactly is going on between these two based on SK’s comments. But they both gave insight into their breakup and connection with each other after the filming.

Raven and SK Alagbada Job

Raven and Sk Alagbada are the contestants of Love Is Blind season three. Besides that, Sk is currently studying to clear his master’s degree, and Raven Rosworksrk is a Pilates instructor.

On the program, SK mentioned that he is pursuing his MBA at the University of California, Berkeley. Before that, he obtained a bachelor’s degree from Baylor University and worked as a data engineer for companies like General Motors and JP Morgan Chase.

Talking about Raven Ross is a plate instructor what she does for a living. She tells Bartise Bowden in the pods that she has a part-time weekend job in the service industry.

Moreover, She has YouTube workout videos and appears to use Instagram to connect with followers and potential customers. She even provides a newsletter for fans curious about what she offers.

Raven instructs classes at Club Pilates in Dallas, Texas, posting weekly YouTube workouts for fans and sharing advice and videos on social media. However, she was drawn to Pilates because of her Love of dance.

Some FAQs

Are Raven and SK Alagbada Still Together?

Fans are hopeful Raven and SK Alagbada are still together after Love Is Blind.

Did Raven and SK Alagbada got married?

No, Raven and SK Alagbada did not get married.

What is Raven and SK Alagbada’s age Gap?

Raven and SK Alagbada have an age gap of six years.

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