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APC Chairman, Adam Oshiomole finally reveals his long-term APC secret.



APC Chairman, Adam Oshiomole finally reveals his long-term APC secret.

All Progressive Party (APC) Chairman, Adam Oshiomole finally explodes……..his word goes thus;

“The minister working against me is non other then Rotimi Amaechi. I helped him but he stabbed me in the back. I recognized his faction of the APC against senator Abe and today he is leading a war against me.

Kayode Fayemi I’d one of the leading Governors working against me; I helped him secure the Party Tickets for all his loyalists, even thou Segun Oni and Babafemi are my good friends.

Governor Elrufai is one of those working against me. He and Fayemi have been using one Salihu Usman to insult me despite all I did. That Elrufai was the one who came to me crying to help him get rid of Shehu Sani and to replace him with his boy Uba Sani and I sacrificed my comradeship with Shehu to please him.

Godwin Obaseki couldn’t have even become a councillor if not for me. This is an open story. Am a fighter and he would pay for his disloyalty. I made him and I will unmake him. As for Baguru and Badagu, they know how I helped them and they will all suffer for the consequences of their actions. Their court ambush will not work. I remain Chairman of APC”.

Those are the words of our one and only Adam Oshiomole. We are still looking forward to hear from him.

Don’t you think with this, something is going to happen? Drop you views…..

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