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    Another End Time Revelation Received From The Lord About COVID-19

    Nigeria will overcome global pandemic soon - Pastor Adeboye declare

    The Lord Is Angry With The World. I found in the domain off the soul individuals running searching for where to cover up. I saw fire all over the place. In water I saw fire. On trees I saw fire. On streets I saw fire ????. 

    I saw the individuals in a single spot at that point 

    I saw a thin man with white article of clothing seeking after individuals out of where they were. ???????????????????? 

    Another End Time Revelation Received From The Lord About COVID-19

    On April 15. I saw haziness over the Earth ????.. 

    I saw another disorder after COVID19. 

    I saw water evaporated and hunger all over. I saw tears. I saw gathering of individuals like Army accompanying no Mercy to Earth ????. 

    Says The Spirit Of the Lord. The Anger of God is on Earth. 

    The Lord Says Let The individuals return Back to Him. 

    I saw an extremely Mighty Snake leaving Venus and Mars Vomiting obscure flies To Earth. What’s more, this Flies will cause another disorder after Covid19. 

    The Cry of God’s kids. Has Make God to wipe Covi19 away 11days from now. 

    The Lord says We should continue supplicating ???????????????????????????? 

    ????????SAYS THE LORD 

    The Solution to this isn’t Money. Not Technology. Not Science Not Anything. 

    The Solution to this Is His Mercy. His Presence On Mother Earth ????. 

    His Mercy. His Mercy ???????? His Mercy

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