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    “Another Accomplishment”: Wise Man Uses N1.3m to Build Fine Mud House, Video of the Apartment Goes Viral

    "Another Accomplishment": Wise Man Uses N1.3m to Build Fine Mud House, Video of the Apartment Goes Viral

    A man has narrated how he was able to use a limited budget to build a mud house that turned out to be great-looking

    A TikTok video posted on October 18 by Lawrance shows how the foundation of the house started and how it was completed

    A lot of TikTokers have expressed interest in owning such a house, as the video has been viewed over 720k times

    A short video showing a newly-built mud house has received over 720k views on TikTok alone.

    The video was posted on the platform on October 18 by a user named Lawrance, who appears to be a building expert.

    The new house cost the sum of N1.3 million. Photo credit: TikTok/@lawrance076.
    Source: UGC

    The video, which lasted about 39 seconds, showed how the house was built from the foundation to the roofing.

    Video shows nice house built with mud and sticks

    What made the video more interesting is that Lawrance did not use bricks for the house.

    Instead of bricks, he made use of mud and sticks, which were later plastered with cement.

    TikTok users who are interested in owning such a house asked how much was spent on it, and Lawrance said it cost about N1.3 million (Ksh386,000).

    Lawrance said he does not use bricks because it costs less with mud.

    The video of the fine house has stunned his followers on TikTok as it has been viewed over 720k times and received more than 11k likes and 251 comments.

    Watch the video below:

    Reactions from TikTok users

    @Annet Sigowo said:

    “A total of how much? My small brother want to build.”

    @vio_vk2 reacted:

    “But why are you not using bricks?”

    @El-shaddai said:

    “I need one in Ghana.”

    @estermiruni reacted:

    “How much did you spend please.”

    @bmw said:

    “I think I need this.”

    @user1268788940873 reacted:

    “This is so good.”

    @patrickakoyo reacted:

    “Good job. I like it.”

    Man builds fine house for his father

    In a related story, WOTHAPPEN reported that a Nigerian man built a nice house for his father.

    The man said in a TikTok video that he was sad that his mother was now late.

    He said he would have liked the situation where his mum would be around to live in the house.

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