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    Anna Paul shocks TikTok fans after revealing her real job

    Influencer and content creator Anna Paul confirmed her real occupation in a new video, leaving some of her followers stunned.

    At this point in the TikTok world, there are so many creators who have launched successful online careers thanks to the various content they offer to social media users across the globe.

    TikToker Anna Paul is one who found success on the platform thanks to her videos with her boyfriend Glen.

    While she has been on the site for a while, some of her fans have only just found what her real job is.


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    Who is Anna Paul?

    Anna Paul is a 23-year-old online personality and TikTok star based in Australia who shares her day-to-day life on the platform.

    Many of her videos show her living her best life with her boyfriend Glen and her family while they travel around the world.

    In a new video titled ‘What I do for a living’, Anna revealed more about her actual occupation as many people were confused about how she affords her luxury lifestyle.

    Anna told her fans that she is a ‘sex worker’ and said that the revelation often leaves some people shocked.

    This isn’t the first time that Anna opened up about her job. Back in March, she revealed that she runs a successful OnlyFans account and explained: “I am one of the top Only Fans creators in Australia. That’s what I do, I love it and it’s my favourite job in the world.”


    @anna..paull What I do for a living 🫶 ♬ original sound – Anna Paul

    TikToker shocks fans with her revelation

    While many of her followers were aware of her real occupation, some were shocked how they only just found out about it.

    “I know what she does but still go into shock every time she says it,” one follower commented under the video.

    Someone else added: “I love how chill you are about it,” to which Anna replied in the comments: “Of course!! I’m very grateful that everyone in my life accepts the job I do, So I’m able to talk about it freely.”

    A third one noted: “Just continue to do your vlog, they are amazing and ignore the haters.”

    Meet her boyfriend

    Anna has often gushed about her boyfriend Glen on her social media channels who is a vital part of her online career.

    The TikToker revealed that Glen often collaborates with her on online posts and helps her with filming and editing her content.

    He is often featured in her daily mini vlogs on TikTok and travels the world with her to stunning locations like Switzerland, Italy and Dubai.

    You can find Anna on Instagram from the link below where she has gained 1.9 million followers at the time of writing.

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