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Alcohol vendor accuses Lawyer of 20k fraud

A lawyer and social critic, Osiyemi has threatened to sue an alcohol vendor, Alcoholhero247 after he was called out to pay 20k balance he allegedly owes.

Lawyer Osiyemi took to his social media page to recount all that allegedly happened between himself and the alcohol vendor who he has threatened to sue amid claims he owes him 20k. He revealed that the vendor who he paid 70K upfront arrived late to the event and 1/3 of the drinks and ingredients he came with were wasted as most of the guests had left at the time he arrived.

I normally wouldn’t dignify people like Alcohol Hero with a detailed response. But since has attempted to tarnish my name, tell stupid lies (and half-truths), I have his time. Fairly lengthy thread but please bear with me.

Every year/other year, we have a New Year’s party at mine. Siblings and I handle different aspects of the planning. I’m the only one in my immediate family who drinks; so, naturally, I decided to handle the booze this year.

I put this tweet out a day before the party. A good friend of mine (who I love and respect) replied to the tweet. Alcohol Hero follows her; so he saw my tweet and her reply

In a matter of minutes, he followed me and entered my DMs. Essentially, he CAME TO ME to market himself/business

As he marketed away, I checked to see if we had any mutual friends/followers (due diligence). Once I saw that my friend was a mutual follower, I gave him the benefit of the doubt. Still, I called her briefly, asked a few questions and then listened to what he had to say.

He sent price lists for bottles and I figured I could get them cheaper. Then he mentioned that he also did cocktails. We had a conversation around that, he gave me a quote (N90k) and I told him I’ll get back asap (as I couldn’t decide unilaterally).

Called him shortly & sealed the deal. Then he started moving funny. Asked for full payment in advance without service (he don see better mugu). Apparently, knows Wizkid. So, according to him, he couldn’t possibly run away with my money (the stupor).

I politely declined and agreed to send N70k in advance, as a sign of good faith. I was rushing out to a wedding, so I promised to make payment before/on the way to the wedding.

Side note: lost my sim/sim pack when I left Nigeria. USSD transfers were therefore not feasible. For most of the Christmas holiday, I had to either transfer in the bank or via an ATM – pending sim recovery. It was a Saturday, so I chose the latter option.

Went from ATM to ATM in VI as I made my way – I updated him. Had to eventually use the ATM at Silver Foxx. Paid via Quickteller around 6:53.

He claimed he didn’t not get his alert until the following morning. But the confirmation screenshot he sent states otherwise. So clearly, he received his advance payment the day before (notwithstanding network and the Nigerian factor). Receipts below:

Now to the more juicy bits – I had told him that the party will start at 4 pm and he was expected to start serving cocktails at 5/5:30pm. He was aware of the short time frame for delivery but assured that he could deliver:

Fast forward to the party day, he buzzed me at 11:40 am that his cousin would be delivering his minibar at my house. I said cool, what time. Then he went silent for about 4 hours.

He theb calls me at 4 pm (THE TIME I TOLD HIM THE PARTY WILL START), asking if I had spare tables for him to set up. Baba, wagwan the minibar you told me (at 11:40 am) was due to be delivered?

His response? The minibar was in Ogba and he had to go pick it up. At PAST 4 PM PEOPLE. At this point, I just lost it. Nigga probably double-booked events and then lied that his cousin was gonna deliver the minibar earlier in the day.

Asked for another update at 5:24pm, he said he was 45 minutee away. Tick tock goes the clock – 45 minutes turned to over 2 exra hours.

When he showed up at 8pm, my entire fam was upset, and I looked like a complete fool. Over a third of the guests had left (next day was the first day back at work for most people). Those of us left at the party COULD NOT realistically finish the drinks. They were bound to waste.

Initial plan – send him back. But my brother-in-law (who has experience in dealing with Nigerian vendors) advised otherwise. He noted that I would chase shadows for my refund. And the average vendor would say that payment was used to purchase ingredients; hence, no refund.

Only sensible option was to let him serve those who were there; and the cost of wasted drinks/cocktails would be borne by him (he came late, why should we bear the cost of wastage?) Part-performance = part-payment (to the Contract Law teachers in my mentions).

We let him in. In between setting up and serving, brother-in-law had a word with him (I was still fuming and incoherent). Told him to forget about his balance because he came late & drinks would waste. He continued setting up tho – had that “YOU NO FIT HOLD MY BALANCE” courage.

Party finished. Oya baba clear up. He started talking “my balance”. We we told him to leave. He left, and with him, he took a third-full container of alcoholic chapman & a substantial amount of ingredients for Long Island cocktails – thus proving our theory on wastage.

After the party, I tweeted about how my family stepped in. As a Mr nice guy, I had even considered paying his balance. But they stood their ground and ensured that I didn’t let him take me for a ride. He then messaged me, citing my tweet (which presumably offended him).

I just simply reiterated his wrongdoings because he seemed to have a short memory span.

At a point, he was apologetic. Tried to butter me up to pay him a balance he did not deserve. He even acknowledged his wrongdoing. Side note: the 7:48 he claims, was actually past 8.

Then when I didn’t yield, he resorted to threats. Threatened me with Instablog (LEWL). He followed me on Instagram, viewed my profile on LinkedIn, stalked me and my family. I didn’t budge. At this point, I thought “let this guy do his worst. He’s wrong and I’m ready for him”

He took it a step further. Got his retired Major (not even Major-General) uncle to call and harass me for a non-existent balance. I didn’t have time/energy to entertain that conversation, so my sister took the phone.

By the time we explained the story, his uncle goes “ah but that’s wrong of Gabriel. I just want you to make peace because he’s still a young guy hustling. Because of future recommendations.” LOL, recommen-what?

When that failed too, he googled my father and went to his office to complain. Dad wasn’t in, so he met the Secretary and recounted half-truths to her. She told him, “this your story is not adding up. I know Osiyemi. He won’t do such a thing. What did you do?” Baba was silent.

By going to my dad’s office, he wanted to play on his ignorance (dad wasn’t around for the party). So he assumed that my dad, in a bid to avoid embarrassment, would say “how much is your money? Take and be going”. But my father is logical and has a brain. He knows his child.

My dad called me and I explained my side. He just laughed and said, “ahn ahn. He’s in breach of contract.” And then broke down the legal elements of all that occured. At this point, I rested easy, knowing that my family was tightly behind me.

So now I ask, in what way is a “balance” justified? Alcohol Hero came 3 hours later than agreed, didn’t serve up to the value of what he was contracted for, and then took home the wasted ingredients.

The discussion of not receiving a balance was had with him after he arrived. He went ahead to serve. He impliedly agreed to the altered terms of his contract. Then afterwards, he started acting brand new.

There’s no vein, grey matter or fibre of my being that supports paying that so-called balance. And to make matters worse, he has threatened me (personally and with his uncle); hassled my family, gone to my father’s office, and attempted to tarnish my name on Twitter & Insta.

Once you put sentiments aside, apply common sense/logic, the story (and my response) become clear. Poor performance begets an equivalent response. For every gbas, there’s a corresponding gbos.

And if I, without knowing him personally, can pay 70k out of 90k in advance (to ensure that he does the job well), then 20k is the least of my worries. Thank God I’m not suffering. This is a matter of principle – he was dishonest, unreliable and simply did not earn the balance

As @NelliKombs aptly put it, balance ko, balenciaga ni. Have a good night folks. Nothing to see here.

One last thing- if by tomorrow, this defamatory nonsense you posted on Instagram is not down, we meet in court @Alcoholhero247 . The processes have been drafted already – you’re just evading service. I look forward to giving you a problem you cannot handle. Please try me. Cunt.

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