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After reconciling, Lyta’s baby mama, Kemi Ayorinde, calls him out again for being a deadbeat father.



Lyta’s baby mother Kemi Ayorinde has called him out again for being a deadbeat parent just a few months after they reconciled and enjoyed each other’s company for seven months.

After reconciling, Lyta's baby mama, Kemi Ayorinde, calls him out again for being a deadbeat father.

Lyta had been chastised by Kemi Ayorinde for a long time until he decided to reconnect with his family, at which point she blasted us with their happy-go-lucky films showing how great Lyta is doing with their son.

She came out again a few months later, accusing the musician of being a deadbeat father and asking how many times she needs to contact him to be calling their son and speaking to him to know his whereabouts.

According to Kemi Ayorinda, she nearly committed suicide in the first week of this year because she believed she had failed her child, but she can’t force Lyta to be a good father and prioritize their child in everything they do.

Adding that he has been flaunting their child’s photo on social media but hasn’t done his duties as a parent is designed to make her believe she isn’t doing enough for their child, but he is to blame for everything.

Here is a screenshot;

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