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After 15 Years, Banker Goes Back to Disabled Shoemaker Who Helped Him Repair His School Shoes, Rewards Him

Some 15 years ago, a young boy named Edward Asare was going to school and his footwear got damaged on the way

A disabled shoemaker helped him mend it, and Asare said he never forgot the kind gesture from the man even though it has been long

He returned to the man’s shop to thank him in 2022, and he shared the man’s story online after which someone built a container shop for the kind fellow



An act of kindness done to a young school boy some 15 years ago has been rewarded in 2022.

After 15 Years, Banker Goes Back to Disabled Shoemaker Who Helped Him Repair His School Shoes, Rewards Him

Ghanaian banker, Edward Asare has narrated how a disabled shoemaker helped him repair his spoilt school shoes back in 2007.

Act of kindness rewarded

According to Asare, he was going to school one fateful day when his shoes got damaged.

He said the shoemaker named Ernest Adu Ansah helped him to repair it thereby saving the day free of charge.

Asare wrote on LinkedIn:

“One time while going to school, this physically challenged man who is a shoe repairer saw me holding one of my sneakers in my hands, called me and repaired it for me. He did it for free. He didn’t collect any money from me.

He continued the nice story:

“This was around 2007/2008. I never forgot his act of kindness. It has always been in mind. I made a post on Twitter about him and I was told by someone who stays close to where he used to work that he is still there.

“I went there to visit him and to tell him how that act of kindness touched the core of my heart. He couldn’t remember me because it’s been over 16 years ago and apparently I was not the only child whose footwear he repaired for free. A Good Samaritan recently made him this container to work in.”

LinkedIn users react

Stanley Asamoah Larbi said:

“I know him well. He has always been a kind-hearted person.

During my days at De Youngster’s around 1999. God bless him.”

Belinda Kamasah said: “No matter how little it may seem, it could go a long way to aid us in future. You will reap the seeds of your good deeds when you least expect it. God bless him. He couldn’t even remember but you did. The good you do for people stays with them.”

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