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    Adorable moment a lioness and 2 cubs allow Okada man to pass without hurting him

    Adorable moment a lioness and 2 cubs allow Okada man to pass without hurting him

    The action of a Lioness and her two cubs has since gone viral in a video that has been shared many times online.

    According to Parimal Nathwani, the animals walked out of a nearby bush as their mother led them. A few metres upward, a bike suddenly showed up in their way.

    The lioness and her cubs did not appear threatened as they only made way for the bike man and his passenger to pass.

    Many on Twitter praised their act as something every responsible civilian should do. While others said that the animal’s space must really be respected.

    Meanwhile, Wothappen earlier reported that dream jobs are what they; works that are not just in line with what you love, but one that gets your passion easily.

    Unlike in the past when dream jobs are only limited to a few conventional ones like being a lawyer, doctor, an engineer, they presently could be as simple as connecting people to colleges and employment opportunities.

    While you may seem to have exhausted your list of dream jobs, it would amaze you to know that people actually get paid to plan parties for dogs.

    This is the job of 54-year-old Niki Sohrabkani from London who works full time as a party planner for dogs at the London Dogs party company.

    It should be noted that the woman got the idea for the business when she was working as an international event organizer.

    During her former job, she was asked to plan parties for some 20 dogs, an event that later turned out to be a huge success.

    “The first event I did was a private party for a client’s pup and 20 friends, it was a roaring success, so I thought what better way to celebrate our gorgeous furry friends than by curating fun events for dogs to enjoy and socialise?,” she said.

    With her present business, she plans parties for fur babies with all the party games, dog fancy dress, themed decorations, among all others.

    She said with the 33 years she has spent organizing events, she wants to now focus on using that skill to foster her love for dogs.

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